I watch you rise

tom_cruise-long-hair-3Tom Cruise

Cancer Tom Cruise has for many years consistently delivered quality, kick-ass science fiction.  I like him.

I recently watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, loved it, and I also really, really loved Edge of Tomorrow – in fact, I watched it twice in a row.  He’s a safe movie bet, he knows his craft.  Take Lestat, for example.  Anne Rice initially freaked freely over the casting of Tom in the lead vamp role in the movie adaptation of her book, Interview with a Vampire. He nailed it.  She eventually came around, praised his performance.
I did as well…now I see his natal chart, his Yod, it all makes sense, begins to take shape.

Tom does not shy away from risks/stunt work, (Hooper, anyone ?) which is what led me to look up his natal chart recently.  Note: Solar – no deets, no houses.  Stunts are both Leo (life/gamble) and Uranian (risk) in nature.  He has Aquarius (Uranus rules)Saturn (odd work) as focal of a Yod between Sun and Pluto (life/death, respectively).

We Know HE’S doing it and it makes a Big Impact, yes ?
Well, of course it does.

Tom on top of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai.
Obviously not agoraphobic, lol.  More here.
FYI: Tallest building in the world at 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories (see below).

I imagine the best communication reception evah and btw, Uranus rules tallness.  Tom is of average height, but via work aka Saturn (in Aquarius) obviously above average.


Tom has a Grand Water Trine/Kite: Cancer Sun, Neptune Rx in Scorpio, Jupiter Rx (ancient ruler) tightly conjunct Chiron Rx in Pisces.  Jupiter/Chiron opposes Pluto in early Virgo giving his emotionally rich water trine/kite a super-powered spine. 

“Call me sentimental, but the fish are coming with me.”
Jerry McGuire by Cameron Crowe
Perfection, both; thank you.

Jerry-MaguireWater tine/kite explains the depth of his performance.  Daily work/service/healing in broadcasting via film.  Let’s face it, Tom plays the underdog who wins through sheer stubborn determination very well.  Mars in late Taurus anyone ?  Relentless.

Pluto opposing Jupiter/Chiron – the micro meets the macro.  No fuss no muss, Virgo Pluto takes care of it – we have mental expansion via opposition to Jupiterian optimism.
Controlled vision with a side of emotional transformation made manifest.

Jupiter/Chiron both Rx in Pisces opposite Pluto with a water trine ?  His secrets have secrets…probably part of the reason why a super secretive religious (Jupiter) group attracts him.   What I know about Scientology: members are ‘audited’ and the ultimate goal is self-improvement via classes, seminars, etc… hey, whatever works, man.  I am a Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto in 9.  I support spiritual exploration/revolution – harm none & I’m good to go.

tom-cruise-wallpaper-1418210889Tom has Mercury in Gemini (ruling), wide trine (9 degrees) Saturn Rx in Aquarius (ancient ruler) indicating an innate knowing of what works and using it despite a lifetime of dealing with dyslexia and the ‘traditional learning’ that entails.  Mars in late Taurus indicates a steady, patient worker with stamina over the long haul.
Fixed signs = no surrender.
Unless they plan on kickin’ yo’ ass further down the timeline. 

Mars squares both Venus and Uranus in Leo which provide the impetus for creative action (hero) type risks that really pay off in his craft.  He’s in terrific shape, perpetually physically ripped with a burning willpower – and with that, a caution: Mars square Uranus in fixed signs can be overly willful, loving the spotlight hog.  (We are .ahem. having some synastry here, for what it’s worth.  Just sayin’. )

Joel-Goodsen-From-Risky-BusinessSo … ummm… yes – there is Leo
What a delight !
North Node, Venus and Uranus – opposing Saturn or men’s underwear.
Sweet, hilarious and oh so iconic, I will leave it at that.
(Moon is either late Cancer or early Leo: determined to be financially/land secure: or  creatively/risk secure, respectively.)

Saturn conjunct South Node is the Dragon’s tail (restrictive) energy twice over in the sign of groups and affiliations.  He’s obviously taken a lot of heat for his choice of religious groups, he’s probably the highest profile Scientologist out there.  North Node of Destiny in Leo is enormously driven to create and/or support the creative will.

tom c gif
North Node in Leo (opposing Saturn in Aquarius) inevitably expresses itself brilliantly by delivering the sublimely palatable with the bitter, insatiable hook of enlightenment.

Quintiles or unusual spiritual gifts include: Mars/Jupiter – work expansion via altitude expansion; Uranus/Neptune: don’t let anyone know too much.

Make your move
Rise UP !

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