Thundering Wisdom

FullSizeRender 16Buddha Tarot, Robert Place

Last night I watched a great doco about Tibetan Buddhist Monks who are channelers for the great spiritual guides and deities of Buddhism.  
It was fascinating, so I’ll link it in the comments if you are curious.

Today’s question travels closely with our growing Uranus/ Pluto square over the coming months as well as Sun square Jupiter over the next two days.  

Q: What do buddhist spiritual guides wish us to know for best dealings with this aspect through my tarot deck ?

A:  Aksobhya is the rising sun of the east.  What is immovable and unshakeable about him is his trust and confidence.  His wisdom is direct from knowledge of The One, not theory.

All Buddhas represent love, but Aksobhya loves wisdom and philosophy.
He is seen performing the Victory mudra that Gautama used when he conquered Mara (Lord of Death).

His throne is supported by the strongest, wisest, kindest of animals – Elephants.  
His emblem is the vajra, the ancient thunder weapon of the gods.
This card represents Thinking, Confidence and Wisdom.
Mastery over thought will prove our best guide during this oncoming square.
Know when to speak – know when to listen.
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Spirit Card: Crux of the sitch
The night of Siddhartha’s 29th birthday, full moon of the Wesak when he chose to leave his palace temple for good to seek his destiny.  

Over 547 lifetimes the Buddha purified himself and perfected the ten virtues:  generosity, morality, renunciation, intelligenceenergy, patience, truthfulness, determination, benevolence and equanimity.

Note some of these are active/dynamic – not all are passive.  
These are called the Heroic Virtues.  
We need both passive/active virtues in order to be a whole spiritual being.

This card underlies the karmic lesson that we get what we give.
Only too often we give what we get. (for good or ill)

Know better – do better.
Break the endless cycles of karma.


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