Pure Energy

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Q: How to best bridge the energy of the inner & outer planetary transits, the crux of dealing with the matter.

A: The answer is, not too surprisingly, Death.  

Be the change.  
Inner planets are our personal expression: Sun/spirit, Moon/feelings, Venus/love, Mars/anger.
As we move out into the solar system planets become more social.  
Saturn/work Jupiter/higher learning.
Then we move out to the slow-moving generational planets Uranus/global consciousness, Neptune/global subconscious, Pluto/global energy/kundalini.

Keep in mind outer planets are felt personally when jammed up next to a personal planet in the natal chart.  How well I know this – Sun/Uranus/Pluto.
Matter and antimatter particles meet and destroy each other in order for New particles to be created.  Ultimately the particles are changed rather than destroyed.
They have the same mass, but an opposite charge – when they meet they create Pure Energy.

Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical adaptation allows new growth in accordance with new circumstances.  Change is stressful, difficult, we drag our feet and resist due to fear.  We cling to what we know rather than letting go and facing the unknown.

Embrace change, for it will find you regardless.


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