22 Halo


moon_halo_Jupiter_12-23-2012_Danny_Crocker-Jensen_Wardsville_MOJupiter & Moon by Danny Crocker Jensen 2012

A ring around the sun or moon, means rain or snow is coming soon.

Moon dogs are formed when light passes
through hexagonal ice crystals
in cirrus or cirrostratus

Light gets bent twice
 at an angle of 22 degrees

Six is ruled by Venus
Balance within flux

If the moon shows like a silver shield,
You need not be afraid to reap your field 

But if she rises haloed round,
Soon we’ll tread on deluged ground.

Of interest:
The MOON RING is HUGE here tonight
22 degrees got me looking

Mars is applying within 14′ at 21 Aquarius
Jupiter Rx is receding within 19′ at 21 Leo


Pure Energy

FullSizeRender 15Quantum Tarot

Q: How to best bridge the energy of the inner & outer planetary transits, the crux of dealing with the matter.

A: The answer is, not too surprisingly, Death.  

Be the change.  
Inner planets are our personal expression: Sun/spirit, Moon/feelings, Venus/love, Mars/anger.
As we move out into the solar system planets become more social.  
Saturn/work Jupiter/higher learning.
Then we move out to the slow-moving generational planets Uranus/global consciousness, Neptune/global subconscious, Pluto/global energy/kundalini.

Keep in mind outer planets are felt personally when jammed up next to a personal planet in the natal chart.  How well I know this – Sun/Uranus/Pluto.
Matter and antimatter particles meet and destroy each other in order for New particles to be created.  Ultimately the particles are changed rather than destroyed.
They have the same mass, but an opposite charge – when they meet they create Pure Energy.

Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical adaptation allows new growth in accordance with new circumstances.  Change is stressful, difficult, we drag our feet and resist due to fear.  We cling to what we know rather than letting go and facing the unknown.

Embrace change, for it will find you regardless.



Popping in to answer some questions:

Gneiss, what is the numerology of lodestone ?

A:  Lodestone is magnetic, it has positive and negative polarities so my first thought was 2.

According to astrology rulership, 2 is Moon or Cancer.
Lodestones are magnetic, and magnetics corresponds with Uranus, Aquarius and the number 4.

Magnetite (lodestone is a naturally magnetized magnetite) is octahedral.

Meaning it has 8 triangles, 12 edges, 6 vertices.
(Crystals grow mathematically.)

Note in the text below that the octahedron is dual, a mirror of itself –
so again, 2.

Lodestones attract iron fillings, can change the reading on a compass and are used to balance the polarities in the body, aligning all the chakras.
Lodestone is an earth element stone, it is grounding and gives added power to attracting manifestations.  They can be used to stimulate specific points on the body meridians, they help regulate frequencies.  Lodestone is very helpful for protection of one’s energy field.

There is biogenic magnetite in human brain tissue as well, click here to learn more.  It serves as an internal ‘homing device’ which enables us to choose which fork in the road we will take.
Choice is 2.

Gneiss, which Catholic Saint is synchronized with Saturn ?


A:  Saint Peter. 
He holds the keys to the gates of Heaven.
(Saturn rules gates, binds and constricts.)

Peter’s attribute is a set of keys, from the time Christ said to him: “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
Mathew 18:18

Gneiss does Pluto rule basements in astrology ?

A: Saturn and Capricorn rule basements, for they rule the earth.
Pluto rules catacombs, the dead buried in the earth.

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