Primal Fire

FullSizeRender 7Elemental Tarot

Intent: sideways insights that will lead us our collective highest expression of Uranus square Pluto in the coming weeks.  Two exact hits left:
12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees
03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees

This card carries the vibration of Jupiter at MC: generosity, wisdom and earned respect. Optimism and work, sharing what you know.  Freeing oneself via forgiveness, breaking the chains of guilt through self-acceptance.  Understanding/Using the human path in order to enhance spiritual growth.

Pluto’s glyph rings around the neck symbolizing the transformation crucible: culling leading to contentment.
You be the judge – feng shui your life your way.
Energy clearing tips here.

The two smaller figures represent frustration and anger at the mental, emotional and physical blocks we ourselves make that hold us back from our greatest destiny. Bending Willpower tips here.

Being open to acceptance, invulnerable to the trappings of the mundane world.  Ascending through intellectual, emotional and physical transcendence.

Spirit of the Primal Fire.
The Trumpet Sounds Within.
Change in the Face of Everything.


peace out