ghosts of corporate past


Hwei Lim

The cycle of worldly suffering is mind turned outwardly,
lost in its projections.

The ending of suffering and great peace is mind turned inwardly,
recognizing its nature.

:::Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche:::

Lovely illustration, yes ?  Castles and antlers from the brainpan. 
Obv, my Saturn in Aries loves it for the bones & stones quality, my Sag Mars by the backdoor loves the dreamstates. It is also a nod to the slow death of big corp culture.

Cardinal square days of late are filled with tension between self and others, home and business – and the whole shebang is causing internal tensions around the wheel. 
Whizbangers gung-ho to GO !

Saturn is holding down the fort of opportunities via work.  Work on your self, your business, your relationships, your headspace.

I am familiar with this grand cross energy, my former husband and I had this in our composite – though ours was mutable and offset by a harmonious mystic rectangle.
Reading the grand cross is an aspect of great strength if the energy is used correctly was a case of hindsight being 20/20 in our case – but it is true. 

Diving into the moshpit and flying our best interpretive dance moves is pretty much all there is to do at this point if we want to move & groove it on UP. 
Uranus in Aries is weighing in very heavily for Let Your Freak Flag Fly while *4 personal planets are powered up for regeneration via lots and Lots and LOTS of WORK..

Adaptation, improvisation.

* Thinking, communicating, loving, attracting, money, partnerships and career are superpowered by Martian energy squaring them making them MOVE to WORK out the friction.  Release the old and embrace the new.  SHINY !

Jupiter Rx opposing Cap central from Cancer – timely to mention that projection is highly possible when supercranky (eg. Moon energies under duress) and feeling opposed by another. Capricorn nose to the grindstone, minding our own business works a charm ! 

The Uranian boho influence increases when Moon moves into Aquarius Thursday and moves to sextile Uranus and trine Mars – emotional comms may take an odd inventive turn.  Greased lightning !   Just sayin’.

One last thing, the twitter marketing sales pitch dangled in front of comedian Patton Oswalt prior to new moon ?  
Def. not savvy astromarketing –  1. moon is weakest before new  2. Sun, Moon and Mercury (sales) in honorable Capricorn and Pluto powered aka: big corp take down  3.everything Saturn flavored opposed Jupiter in retrograde (rules marketing) in moon-ruled Cancer aka: the public.
Hilarious deets HERE.



Red Dead Redemption. by ScorpionBlaze
Red Dead Redemption

Damn I love a gritty western. 


Jupiter and Saturn are the social planetsthey BRIDGE the gap between the quicker moving personals Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars – and the much slower generational planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Have a look at your natal Saturn.

Have a look at your house Scorpio. 
Herein lies your test.

For everyone this Saturnian / Scorpionic energy revolves around Plutonic desires in opposition (peace talks) with the haves – or the have nots – (whatever the case may be) across the wheel (via another) in Venus-ruled Taurus.

The house your Scorpio lands in will tell the tale of woe and redemption. 
Discipline, lack, restriction, conservation, patience and perseverance over time.
WORK and LOTS of it.
Live Long and Prosper vibe permeates.

Capricornian (Saturn) energy keeps going when the going gets tough.

::::::::::::: ALTITUDE.

Work is the opportunity OUT for everyone.
Houses Virgo and Capricorn hold the golden tickets – daily routine and career on the material earth bound plane.
Push it, work it.
Know your craft, intensify study, crank out effort that equals results.

There is now a mutable (flexible) Mercurial (thinking) VIRGO Sun (and Mercury until 9/9) trine every material manifestation until Sun moves into Libra on 9/22.
Let this be your foundation to build a dream on.

Mortar = differentiating between desires and wants.

What do you NEED ?

Think bare bones.
Hard tack, water, shelter, sleep.
Then move UP from there.

Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn.
Plutonic transformation and metamorphosis is MAINLINING Saturnian work
at the mo & this obviously applies in reverse as well.

If you are struggling with desires and how to plunge, plow or proliferate forward…
Metamorphoset the Goal(s).

Go bare bones.
Work your desires rather than let them work YOU.


That’s right . . .

Tsaheylu is a Na’vi word meaning a bond (neural connection).  This bond takes place when two creatures of Pandora connect their queues. On the Na’vi, it looks like hair, but is in fact an extension of the nervous system.
Instances where this bond occurs are those between a Na’vi and their direhorse, their mountain banshee or ikran (which will fly with only one hunter in their whole life), and during mating Na’vi connect their queues to create a strong, emotional, and lifelong bond.

Make the Bond !

Neytiri: Now you choose your ikran. This you must feel inside. If he also chooses you, move quick, like I showed. You will have one chance, Jake.
Jake Sully: How will I know if he chooses me ?
Neytiri: He will try to kill you.
Jake Sully: Outstanding.

Scorpio (Pluto rules) is soul-bonding through struggle.
Struggles of power and control, helplessness and surrender, obsessions, secrets and desires.

Soul bonds are not only sunshine and lilies – they are blood and guts as well.

Scorpio and Pluto signal transmutation through death or near-death, living through the deep nuclear fission of personal psychoanalysis, the little death of sexual orgasm, qi turned inward to grow into powerful supernova wizard magick.  Nova is new in Latin.

Plutonians defiantly RISE UP – they phoenix – miraculously remaining steadfast and loyal to the quest though the very fires of hell scorch them to cinders and ash.

Scorpions have fixed desires.
They will not let go.
Strong Plutonics will forcibly create metamorphosis when none is available, they cannot live without it.  Divine will dictates.

Scorpio / Pluto energies manifest healing through deep core soul-mining.
Moon transiting Saturn and North Node in Scorpio was richly. . .
surprising, and powerfully rewarding as I felt compelled to strengthen a bond.

Memories and emotional moon (growing to full) keenly felt the pull to heal across time. The desire to form a bridge from the past into the future was satisfyingly intense in execution – a rolling thunder of metamorphosis growing to volcanic eruption.

Emotional shifts of perception were off the scale here at Casa Luna.
Symptom of North Node trine Mercury in Leo + water trine with Jupiter intensifying Moon-ruled matters from her home base, Cancer, while in opposition to Pluto.
It is my hope you felt healing in your home as well.

These are tiny items on my desk, along with Yoda (not pictured).
Ganesha, time turner (one buck goodwill), crystal ball.
My mind is always turned towards metamorphosis, changes and divination regarding both in order to retain balance. My meditation zen zones are divination, music, cleaning and mowing the lawn. Yah, I know, mowing…weird – symptom of Sag Mars (walking blades) quintile Virgo (neat freak) Uranus from the backdoor.

Scorpio territory can be rife with land mines – with Saturn in house in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn – we have more options because we get the warnings, can feel the earth shifts rumbling in from the distance.

Better the devil you know
This is why I divinate…to locate the land mines.
I also divinate in order to find clarity and for confirmation of private matters I do not wish to speak of.  Example:  3 years ago I drew almost all wands in a ten card reading prior to what was very nearly a panic attack.
I saw it coming and managed the mischief.

During this aspect of mutual reception + water trine we can FEEL our way out of precarious situations.
Even if you do not divinate daily, you will be more in tune, going with the flow, you will be IN THE ZONE under this sky.

Tap your power, find your sweet spot, USE it to your advantage.

Breath of the Night Mystical Oracle

These two cards landed on the first house position in this morning’s Grand Tableau.
For those of you who do not study Lenormand, the first house is:

The Rider: messages, news
Time: Time means something very special to me, and to that I hold.
Tree: As above/So below (roots/branches), health, a loOong time, karma.

This one’s for you.
You know who you are.
amin mela lle


Feeling the Cardinal Cross, at odds all morning…really forcing myself to come out of the shadows.  There are also water trine energies…so feeling meditative, contemplative with a chance of emotional undertow.  I’ve had my nose in a book, studying all morning.  Lots of info and patterns, circles coming back around…so much so I need more time to process.

Many of my generation (late 60’s) have their natal Scorpio Neptune being popped by the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse.  If you want an idea, here’s the approximate stats: 1965 Neptune 18′, 1966 Neptune 20′, 1967 Neptune 22′, 1968 Neptune 24′, 1969 Neptune 26′.

Total Solar Eclipse
November 13
21 56′ Scorpio

Pisces, and its ruler, Neptune are the psychic sponges of the zodiac.  If they are strong in your chart, you are going to be sensitive to vibrations / disturbances in the force, both positive and negative.

Those of you born with Neptune at 21+ degrees will have the solar eclipse energy applying (stronger) on your Neptune.  More about that in next post.

Moon-eyed feelings are in Cancer, ten days before an eclipse.  Water, home, mother and the public.  Intuition is sky high, feelings are tidal in this cross of action driven Cardinal signs.   Moon opposes Pluto the transformer, trines Sun and Saturn in Scorpio as rebuilding takes place on the Atlantic coast and islands hit by our mothers waves and fury.

It varies storm to storm, but on average, the diameter of hurricane-force winds is 100 miles, while the average diameter of tropical storm (gale) force winds is 300 to 400 miles.  Sandy was the largest hurricane (by gale diameter) ever observed in the Atlantic basin: 945 mi / 1,520km.

I did mention Saturn is in Scorpio – Saturn is slow, methodical and tests the patience.  Neither Saturn nor Pluto is fast acting; they are however extremely thorough in turning out the insides, shining a light, peering into the heart and soul of a situation and making it infinitely improved.

Being packed with Scorpio and Pluto energy (NNode is in Scorp too) is at this point a mixed blessing – a contradiction I am intimately familiar with – my 8th house Pluto is conjunct my Sun and trine my Moon.

Having and in fact, being an intense experience is all I have ever known.  I am generally given a wide berth. . .which ironically is a nautical term – compass to the fact I have a big Neptuner in 11.

Pluto means POWER and powerless.
Pluto forces surrender to the regenerative process.

Scorpio Saturn sextiles Pluto in Capricorn : mutual reception : slow, steady painful metamorphosis.

Straight – no chaser.
Emotional rebirth on the physical plane. 

Pluto and Saturn are tough and will force us to become tough as well.
This applies Micro (personally) and Macro (globally).

While Saturn is predictable: work, testing and perfecting – Pluto changes it up: life, tantric energy, death, rebirth and intensive research through experiencing all 3.

Yes, you have experienced death – you are eternally in a state of cellular, spiritual and emotional flux – this is Plutonic force at work within us.

Scorpio Saturn trines Chiron Rx in Pisces – this test will ultimately heal.  Chiron was the wounded centaur who studied the healing herbal arts, taught others and and in typical centaur fashion – he was optimistic, he had faith, and he was enthusiastic to learn.   Saturn in Scorpio = Time to dig in.



Seems something ODD is up.
ha – Imagine THAT.

Not too hard for astrologers . . . we already know earthlings are entering into a whammy T-Square.

With that, I give you weird sounds heard around the globe, followed by astrology…. and, of course, science.

Please keep your head and wits about you.
This is our Earth speaking.
 Not aliens or the horned guy – well unless you mean Capricornian Earth.

For the record, I hear the Earth Humming all the time. 
Nothing cracked open and swallowed me up, so keep your chill.

Check it out for yourself (NWS, several f-bombs at one point)


Sun just went into Libra meaning it is closing in on a square to Pluto, and an opposition to Uranus; which also squares Pluto.   Pluto the metamorphic transformer is in Capricorn (earth) in square to Uranus (oddball, curious surprises) in Mars – ruled Aries.

Mars is dynamic energy and  it is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.  Sound is produced by ear DRUMS (drums are Mars ruled) and Venus is coming to square Scorpio Mars from Leo.  Venus rules the 7th house of the general public in square (tension) with North Node and Mars conjunct in Scorpio.  So the globe gets to hear what I hear all the time.
YaY !   See I’m NOT crazy – just perceptive.

A few things I can tell you for certain about Scorpio – it is mysterious. 
It is transformative.
It is penetratingly powerful.   
It is the energy of divine will – it is the HIGHER OCTAVE of Mars, or personal will.

Keep in mind that Pluto rules Scorpio and Pluto is in Capricorn the sign of EARTH.
Saturn is in the last few degrees of (Venus ruled) Libra set to move into Scorpio, which means Saturn (rules Capricorn) is reaching a culmination stage in the sign of balance.

At this time Moon is coming to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

Moon is the people, as in ALL the PEOPLE, as in EARTHKIND.

We are at first quarter- 52% of FULL – this means we are growing, learning, reflecting and moving toward FULL MOON illumination in the house of Aries.

Full Moon 7 degrees Aries
Saturday September 29th
10:19pm CST, USA

Just prior to Full Moon, Sun and Moon will both have passed  the Uranus Pluto square at 6 degrees. 

Astrology is all about energy and the release of it as seen / felt at the micro and macro level.  The energy peaks BEFORE the aspect reaches exact.

Prior to this full moon, the energy will peak at 6 degrees – then full moon will be another peak and illumination in your Aries house followed by a release as moon grows to dark once again.

For the record, there are NO SOLAR FLARES at this time, I checked.  I don’t see any atypical freaky global weather to set off weird Schumann Resonances / odd noises, etc…and the last earthquake felt in the world was in Tonga, off the coast of New Zealand.

If you want to check any of the above weather / space phenom / quake info  – the links are always on my sidebar.

Be aware Uranus is odd energy coming from sideways.
I have a 29 degree Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto.  The professional weirdo, lol.
Maybe the globe gets a taste of what I have felt from birth.

Uranus square Pluto = weird IS the new normal.

This could be our Earth Breathing – she runs at 7.83 Hz normally, but this square is definitely amping up the vibrations a bit.  You wanna geek / nerd out on Solar Uranian science – been there, done that.  Read all about it here.

What does this mean…? 

We hear HER.
Plain and simple folks she – GAIA – is alive.  She always has been – she just vibrates at a different, lower frequency than humans. 

I would be remiss if I did not lead you here to read about pre-earthquake phenomena.  Am I predicting anything ? – NO !   Though I AM and Advocate for Being PREPARED.

For US emergency links & info – go here.  If you are globally elsewhere, there is still info on what to have on hand for emergencies.

One last thing – the Earth hums ALL THE TIME the astro is only aligned for EVERYONE to hear it now.  Ya dig ? 

Alllrighty then.
Whaddya say we all pray for peace on Earth, love and goodwill to all earthkind.


Energy SNAP


Amazing the depths to which we are delving, amazing the revelations this astro is bringing to the surface, yes ..?

Friday October 5th
3:34pm CST, USA

Saturn will roll into Scorpio while Pluto is ripping up Capricorn.

They will be in each other’s ruling houses, they disposit one another, they are in mutual reception

In other words, their energies are online to each other via the red hot phone.  The energies naturally ‘get’ each other and these two houses (Capricorn and Scorpio) will be working together.  Pluto will be metamorphing all things olde skool Capricorn in that area of your chart, while Saturn will be testing, perfecting and deepening your Scorpio experience in that area of your chart.

These two planets are sextile right off the bat. Opportunity is gonna be knockin’ in early Cap & Scorp – but you will have to make it work  !
Since wildcard Uranus is also involved – in a whammy square with Pluto – with a dose of Mars power backing it up, I thought it would be a good time to go over some energy protections.

I am of the heart and mind that being prepared is savvy.  Ya dig ?

In the next few posts I will be addressing energy.
How to harness your own energy, keep your power with you, and how to shield yourself from negative energies of others – – –  but first, we clean !

Energy clearing: 

Set your intent  to clear and clean the energy.

Clear all clutter
emotional, spiritual and physical.

Eat and drink foods that are healthy and exercise. 
Seems obvious, but it needs to be said – foods that take longer to digest will drain your energy.  Your body is your machine, your vehicle – treat it well.

Earth: Salt bath for yourself,
salt the perimeter of your property.  Salt is a crystal (Halite) that cleanses and purifies by absorbing negative energies.  (Other forms of evaporates are Calcite and Gypsum, these may also be placed in a room to clear and clean the energy.)  If you use it inside, you may want to wait 24 hours, then scoop it up – clean and clear it in the sunshine, for re-use.

Earth: Crystals can be worn or placed in a room for their cleansing properties.  Generally stones vibrate with their color spectrum, otherwise I recommend Love is in the Earth by Melody or The Book of Stones by Simmons and Ahsian.  Trust your intuition – your instincts will tell you what stone is right for you in each situation. You can find some stone info from my collection here.

Air: Smudge with sage as this increases the negative ions.  More smoke means less negative ions are present – go over all areas (including closets, cupboards) going through each room ending in an open window so the energies can escape.  You can do this over your whole property if you wish.

Air: Bells, drums, chanting, voice.  All these will clear the energies in a room, clapping into the corners to clear them is pretty old school, but it works.  I usually ring a bell at the start of any divination or magickal work.  Bells can also be used to clean and clear crystals.

Fire: Candles are always present in my studio, as fire increases negative ions.  Color code candles to suit your specific needs.

Water: Hydrate yourself and your environment.  Humans are over 70% water, keep hydrated so the electrical system of your body animal functions properly.  Dry air is an indication that there are too many positive ions present, humidify your space if needed.


building powerful flow

Amazing, just love this piece.
I would love to give credit to the artist if someone could help identify the work, that would be lovely….

I drew an oracle card the other day – The Scribe – Lady of the House of Books.  I got a kick out of it, since I love libraries (Mercury rules, is at my MC) and yes, I have lots of books.  I returned yet another ipod deck.  This one produced sound, yet would not charge, so I traded it for books.  Books work.  Crack & read – snap !

The Saturn Rx in me gets quite irate that nearly everything mass produced is not worth what it costs to make it, ship it, market it, and sell it.  The final product is made quickly with no intention of lasting past a year (or two) and if the buyer is lucky – it might make it longer.  If it breaks, throw it away – who fixes things anymore ?  I have tried and I was laughed outta town.

Saturn thinks long term, works over the long haul, believes in sweat equity and walks the talk.  Saturn is exalted in Libra at the moment, but yes, it IS headed for the house of Scorpio.

Collective gasp from the astro crowd ! 

Scorpio = sex, death, taxes, client money, the unseen, metaphysics and transformation. 

Saturn = restriction, limitations, perseverance, concentration, thrift, work, discipline and constriction.

Restriction on any ONE of these Scorpio things is enough to send some people spinning.  It will be okay.  I have had Saturn as chart ruler, retrograde, in its fall my whole life.  We will be okay while Saturn transits Scorpio – we just have to be prepared to suck it up and deal.  This is a test.  Perfect and deepen. 

Saturn has a tendency to be melancholy and pessimistic.  When Saturn kicks in – and it will – recognize, respect, and release.  Work hard and put one foot in front of the other, rest well, eat healthy and keep firm strong boundaries in all areas of your life – particularly in your house of Scorpio, Taurus (opposite), Leo and Aquarius (square).

I will write more about boundaries later, but first – needs / wants – supply / demand.
Scorpio is ‘ours’ and Saturn while in Scorpio will oppose the house of  ‘I have’.  That means deals, co-operation and compromise with others over love $, sex, worth, possessions.

Saturn restricts – so expect money flow, love flow, overall worth and yes, peace of mind to be log jammed.  Scorpio is secrets and mystery lurking underneath the surface, so speaking as one who has lots of 8th house and Scorp/Pluto action – when both planets are in mutual reception, just be sure to have boundaries in place and safety nets.

By this I mean POWER is on the menu – Who is ordering it – Who is serving it – and Who is gobbling it up.  Saturn uses, in Scorpio – unlimited power and desires are ready to be tapped – do so wisely.  Keep your boundaries strong so others don’t tap you as well.  Power over oneself is the greatest show of strength.

Pluto reveals and transforms – in Capricorn this is (generally) ambition, status, work and authority, older people.  Look to your Capricorn house for where you will be facing  ginormous growth, via revelations and rebirth.  Look to your Scorpio house for where you will be tested and perfected.  Think funneling an elephant through the eye of a needle.   Streamline everything.  Keep it Simple.

Saturn by transit sends the energies of the house into lock down mode – brakes – and pressure.  As far as love, it’s been a coon’s age since I had a date, and the world hasn’t tilted or anything.  I live.  In fact, I live happily.

As far as money… Saturn knows the difference between wants and needs.  Repair instead of replace, buy things that are well-made and built to last.  Buy what is beautiful and useful,  learn the value of barter or trade, share resources, make do with less, live simply.
For instance, I don’t have cable tv (rabbit ears, 3 channels maybe – equals about $1,200 saved / yr), my stereo is old only plays vinyl, my truck is too – paid in full. I wear the same clothes all the time, don’t eat out, or go on vacation, or go to movies, my splurges consist of DVDs and books (non-fic, reference).  I don’t drive on weekends.  I grow my own food.  You get the idea, thrift. 

What I need is  3 hots and a cot, same for the kitties, $ for health, fuel and internet service so I can work.  That’s about it.

Now on to supply / demand.
Saturn restricts by nature, and Scorpio is fixed, immovable.

We have to prepare to actively generate flow whenever possible.

Physical reality begins with the MIND and WILL. 

Here are some guided questions to help solidify the boundaries of where you need to be headed.  These questions will alter perceptions  and create flow of supply.

For best results – be specific !
* Note: during metamorphosis, answers may change frequently – revisit if necessary !

1.  What do you physically need to live ?  Spiritually ?  Emotionally ?  

2.  What is your soul’s purpose ?  What is your powerful ally ?  Your greatest strength ?  What brings you your deepest joy ?  If you had unlimited time and funds – what would you be doing ?

3.  What do you feel you lack ?   Think about how to transform this energy ‘lack’ by giving back in that area.  The healer is also healed.

4. What do you have ?  List and be grateful.  Often.

5.  What can you give ?  Time, knowledge, wisdom, joy…?  All that and more ?  Share what you have in abundance.

6.  Are you open to giving and receiving ?  The giver also receives – it is an energy exchange.  Be open to accepting unusual gifts of spirit being delivered in unexpected ways.  The door opening for you may not be the door you knocked on, accept your soul growth with grace.

7.  Are you building bridges ?  Light a candle rather than curse the darkness. Giving and receiving creates friendships and strengthens bonds of fellowship.

peace, strength, flow & fellowship~

Pyromance with me ?

The long night of winter is coming.  

I have a thing for scruff, leather and swords ~> a hero with a taste for adventure thing.
When the lights go out my Sagittarius Mars needs a hero handy with a quiver of arrows, that wields a sword, a saber or a side arm – better. yet. all. four.

Sag Mars loves the treasure hunt, the circus caravan, to run and run and run  on a wild merry chase of discovery.

Mars in Sagittarius needs freedom.
Mars in Sagittarius needs fire.
Mars in Sagittarius needs mental gymnastics.

In the natal chart, Mars represents fire, energy, desires, men, husband, and the blade, the weapon.

Where is your Mars ?
What is your weapon ?
How do you wield it ?

I wield the sword of spiritual truths, polarities, cosmic justice, forgiveness and healing.

In my case, Sag Mars is in the 11th quintile Uranus – science freaks and geeks and astrology (Uranus rules) get me off.  My men absolutely must have an open mind and be open to my bizarre explorations into the higher (and inner Virgo) realms.
I think, learn, teach, heal and do absolutely everything (Virgo is daily routines) my own way.  Uranus. !  aka. Insert ‘self’ as prefix to any noun…self- taught, for example.
(I am a 9th house Virgo Sun conj Uranus / Pluto- 9th is the natural Sag house)

Where does the sign of Sagittarius fall in your chart ?
This is the house where you need unbridled freedom to engage life, SEE (sag motto) everything.

Sagittarius in my chart falls on the 12th – fire of the mystics.
Signs are everywhere.
In everything and everyone.
This whole world is a miracle in progress, and I read all of it.  Signs and events in my life, Daenerys and her stunningly Plutonian last scene, as well as my bugger Pluto transit (square my chart ruler, Saturn in 3rd – trines Sag Mars) have me fired up to divine in all sorts of new ways.

Mercury – any and all communications going  in & out – is my elevated planet at MC.
Neptune – cosmic waters of prophecy and intuition – is my most highly aspected.

What are these two planetary placements / energies in your chart and what do they reveal about you ?

MC is high noon and how you are seen by the world, if well aspected it is likely where you excel.
Your most highly aspected will be a strong energy that colors and flavors your entire life.


Divination by fire.

This is the fire I built to burn old documents – remnants of my married life up in flames.
I am in the flames on the left wearing a crown of daisies with eyes of fire.

There is a Cheshire cat on the right which means happiness at work.
True, happened – misunderstandings cleared; vacation starts after work tonight.

There is a small fox – magical cunning shapeshifter, quick and invisible if need be.
Fox medicine is both Mercury and Neptune, it fits. (fox totem – click)

Fox people often have thick hair that works as a psychic antenna. ! *
(Venus and Jupiter in Leo -mane- square megaNeptune here. true.)
*click for Moose, lol.

American Indian tribes, the Blackfoot and Apache both have legends of fox stealing fire of the sun and bringing it to the people.

Pyromancy has ancient roots.  Once humans discovered fire they began to gather for warmth, cooking, companionship and stories.  Tribal cultures have gazed into fires across the ages of time, quietly waiting for the salamander (fire) spirits to reveal messages of the gods.  Moses for instance, received divine messages on Mount Sinai from the burning bush.

For cleansing:
Write on a piece of paper those things you want to be rid of in your life, write your negativity and fears onto the paper, be specific !  Say a prayer, a blessing aloud and toss it into the fire to release it.  Renew and cleanse your spirit through fire.
Fire is a source of purification, sacrifice and renewal.
* see martyred saints here

Pluto is the planet of sex, death, metamorphosis, transmutation and rebirth. 

Its energy is born of the internal fire  – the spark of the soul – it replenishes and regenerates by the laws of spirit and  thermodynamics.
:::Neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed, it only changes form:::

Pluto in your natal indicates where you will metamorph again and again and again.
Something in your life has to die for something else to live.
Pluto is unavoidable, painful struggle- necessary for growth but not without pain.
Pluto renders you powerless in the face of oncoming change and death.
From the ashes you rise – forever changed – powerful, invincible, fearless.
You have nothing left to fear because your worst fears have already been realized.

Pyromance with me ?

Start by gazing at fire… go quiet…fade into the zone….images and impressions will appear.  Trust your instincts, these impressions are whispers from the cosmos within and surrounding you.

Bedouin diviners believed sounds and smells of fire communicated spirits as well. Bright, clear crackling fire brought good fortune, dull and sputtering was less fortunate.
Fire smoke can also be read…you have heard the saying smoke follows beauty while camping, yes..?  It stems from capnomancy (kapnos is greek for smoke) – divination by smoke.  Thin straight smoke plume is fortunate; billowing smoke less fortunate.

When smudging with sage, more smoke means less negative ions are present, when the smoke lessens, the energies are clearer, cleaner, more negative ions are present.  (click for more ion info)

Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, and volcanoes.

She who shapes the sacred land  lives in the Halema’uma’u crater (click) and has been spilling lava on the southeastern shore of the big island almost continuously since 1983, adding nearly 70 acres of land to the coastline.

Pele is asteroid 2202 at, go check her out in your chart.  She is currently nearing 9 degrees Libra.  She is conjunct my MC and Mercury in my natal chart, makes sense, I am always going on about earth and rocks and Gaia energies, and Gneiss IS metamorphic.

Gaea (greek for Earth) is asteroid number 1184.  Gaia was the great mother of all: the heavenly gods and Titans were descended from her union with Uranus (the sky), the sea-gods from her union with Pontus (the sea), the Giants from her mating with Tartarus (the hell-pit) and mortal creatures were sprung or born from her earthy flesh (click).

Gaea Rx is currently 11 degrees Scorpio.  In my natal earth mama Gaia is conjunct Venus in Leo 8th at 29 degrees conjunct fixed star Regulus (click). (Watcher of the North, Archangel Raphael, Divine Healer, angel of Providence that watches over all humanity.)  Sweeet, love it !

Where do the goddesses of fire and earth fall in your natal chart ?

Consider Pele to be where you are in a continual phase of Plutonic destruction and renewal.  Gaia is the place in your chart where you embody earth spirits and manifestations spring forth.

Aloha ~