ghosts of corporate past


Hwei Lim

The cycle of worldly suffering is mind turned outwardly,
lost in its projections.

The ending of suffering and great peace is mind turned inwardly,
recognizing its nature.

:::Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche:::

Lovely illustration, yes ?  Castles and antlers from the brainpan. 
Obv, my Saturn in Aries loves it for the bones & stones quality, my Sag Mars by the backdoor loves the dreamstates. It is also a nod to the slow death of big corp culture.

Cardinal square days of late are filled with tension between self and others, home and business – and the whole shebang is causing internal tensions around the wheel. 
Whizbangers gung-ho to GO !

Saturn is holding down the fort of opportunities via work.  Work on your self, your business, your relationships, your headspace.

I am familiar with this grand cross energy, my former husband and I had this in our composite – though ours was mutable and offset by a harmonious mystic rectangle.
Reading the grand cross is an aspect of great strength if the energy is used correctly was a case of hindsight being 20/20 in our case – but it is true. 

Diving into the moshpit and flying our best interpretive dance moves is pretty much all there is to do at this point if we want to move & groove it on UP. 
Uranus in Aries is weighing in very heavily for Let Your Freak Flag Fly while *4 personal planets are powered up for regeneration via lots and Lots and LOTS of WORK..

Adaptation, improvisation.

* Thinking, communicating, loving, attracting, money, partnerships and career are superpowered by Martian energy squaring them making them MOVE to WORK out the friction.  Release the old and embrace the new.  SHINY !

Jupiter Rx opposing Cap central from Cancer – timely to mention that projection is highly possible when supercranky (eg. Moon energies under duress) and feeling opposed by another. Capricorn nose to the grindstone, minding our own business works a charm ! 

The Uranian boho influence increases when Moon moves into Aquarius Thursday and moves to sextile Uranus and trine Mars – emotional comms may take an odd inventive turn.  Greased lightning !   Just sayin’.

One last thing, the twitter marketing sales pitch dangled in front of comedian Patton Oswalt prior to new moon ?  
Def. not savvy astromarketing –  1. moon is weakest before new  2. Sun, Moon and Mercury (sales) in honorable Capricorn and Pluto powered aka: big corp take down  3.everything Saturn flavored opposed Jupiter in retrograde (rules marketing) in moon-ruled Cancer aka: the public.
Hilarious deets HERE.