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Lovely image, yes ?
Admittedly, I have a thing for dandelions, they are all over this site, a symptom of my Venus conjunct Jupes in Leo, keep reading below for the others.

New Moon 11 degrees Libra
Friday 7:35pm CST, USA

Venus and Jupiter rule gratitude
Jupiter rules apologies

Regulars will remember I recently wrote I wanted to make up a word to house both:
I’m Sorry and Thank You.
ALL in ONE ::: ONE in ALL
Yes, a portmanteau…and here it is –


Similar biology + electronics living together harmoniously.
bond is implied.  The Strongest Bond.
aka: Venus, Libra

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Fortune pulled for Venus square Mars
( aspect will lessen, we have passed exact )
Sun closing in on T-Square with Plutonic power

Sell not virtue to purchase wealth
nor liberty to purchase power.
Yeah one of those that is advice not fortune.
Wisdom in a cookie, all good.
I pulled another and got it twice:

You will pass a difficult test
that will make you happier.


walk like a panther

Again and again in history some people wake up. They have no ground in the crowd and move to broader deeper laws. They carry strange customs with them and demand room for bold and audacious action. The future speaks ruthlessly through them. They change the world.  – Rainer Maria Rilke

Leo Venus closes the square to Scorpio Mars – tension as creativity builds.
Venus attracts, balances and seeks peace – she exchanges – her gift for yours.  She has values, demands justice and equality – she is fair.

Your creative destiny is hammered out as Venus also begins to close the square to North Node of Destiny.

Mars competes, challenges and fires off your instincts  ::: you build :::  fixed signs are feeling tense, but yes they are building.  Your Leo and Scorpio houses are hardcore, full-out, laying bricks and foundations just as fast as Pluto tumbles them down in your Capricorn house.

Sun and Mercury are in Libra ::: willpower of mind / analyzation focused on balance ::: is in peace talks with Uranus in Aries ::: sideways risk-taking ::: whadda ride !

All the while the established order of Capricorn is being chewed & spewed – up from the inner core. Everything hidden is revealed: in the light of day, a ray of hope shines in to that deep dark hole.

What and How we Use everything is undergoing daily / hourly metamorphosis – Pluto moves slowly – Uranus is superfast – Sun is coming to express the heart of how and why and what needs to change in order for us TO LIVE.

Sun closes in on Square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus as Moon grows to full.
High-octane instincts are on the prowl – keen to experience the hunt . . .

Full Moon 7 degrees Aries
Saturday September 29th
10:19pm CST, USA

Expect illumination in your house of Aries ::: you have mail !

. . .walk like a panther . . .

rocks and stones

There is a backpack in the mind
which over the years has become
filled with rocks and stones.

You do not have to carry them anymore.

You can empty your pack
and carry only compassion
from one day to the next.

William Martin
Ancient advice for the second half of life.

Metamorph is in progress
Are we all feeling stalwart & Capricorn Moon-ish
Moon into fizzy Aquarius
Monday 6:32pm CST, USA

Sun edges closer to an exact
 whammy Cardinal T-Square
surprise metamorphosis is on the menu

Deep Breaths

be prepared for ego hits
also prepare for friends coming to your aid
:::blessed be the humanitarians:::  

 Mercury trines Jupiter
Air to Air
ease of communication will be greasing the gears
 Saturn trines Neptuner Rx
reigning in folly and giving manifestation to higher creativity
Truthfully, I am having a hard time saying anything good about that last one. 
Neptune opposing my 8th house Venus/Jupes is painful.
Neptune Aquarius years were full out wretched. 

I am telling you this
because if me and my giant Neptuner
can make it through the electric shock Aquarius years
if I have clawed my way through life with this trilogy of
hard hitters
 you can make it through this too.
blessed be


Seems something ODD is up.
ha – Imagine THAT.

Not too hard for astrologers . . . we already know earthlings are entering into a whammy T-Square.

With that, I give you weird sounds heard around the globe, followed by astrology…. and, of course, science.

Please keep your head and wits about you.
This is our Earth speaking.
 Not aliens or the horned guy – well unless you mean Capricornian Earth.

For the record, I hear the Earth Humming all the time. 
Nothing cracked open and swallowed me up, so keep your chill.

Check it out for yourself (NWS, several f-bombs at one point)


Sun just went into Libra meaning it is closing in on a square to Pluto, and an opposition to Uranus; which also squares Pluto.   Pluto the metamorphic transformer is in Capricorn (earth) in square to Uranus (oddball, curious surprises) in Mars – ruled Aries.

Mars is dynamic energy and  it is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.  Sound is produced by ear DRUMS (drums are Mars ruled) and Venus is coming to square Scorpio Mars from Leo.  Venus rules the 7th house of the general public in square (tension) with North Node and Mars conjunct in Scorpio.  So the globe gets to hear what I hear all the time.
YaY !   See I’m NOT crazy – just perceptive.

A few things I can tell you for certain about Scorpio – it is mysterious. 
It is transformative.
It is penetratingly powerful.   
It is the energy of divine will – it is the HIGHER OCTAVE of Mars, or personal will.

Keep in mind that Pluto rules Scorpio and Pluto is in Capricorn the sign of EARTH.
Saturn is in the last few degrees of (Venus ruled) Libra set to move into Scorpio, which means Saturn (rules Capricorn) is reaching a culmination stage in the sign of balance.

At this time Moon is coming to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

Moon is the people, as in ALL the PEOPLE, as in EARTHKIND.

We are at first quarter- 52% of FULL – this means we are growing, learning, reflecting and moving toward FULL MOON illumination in the house of Aries.

Full Moon 7 degrees Aries
Saturday September 29th
10:19pm CST, USA

Just prior to Full Moon, Sun and Moon will both have passed  the Uranus Pluto square at 6 degrees. 

Astrology is all about energy and the release of it as seen / felt at the micro and macro level.  The energy peaks BEFORE the aspect reaches exact.

Prior to this full moon, the energy will peak at 6 degrees – then full moon will be another peak and illumination in your Aries house followed by a release as moon grows to dark once again.

For the record, there are NO SOLAR FLARES at this time, I checked.  I don’t see any atypical freaky global weather to set off weird Schumann Resonances / odd noises, etc…and the last earthquake felt in the world was in Tonga, off the coast of New Zealand.

If you want to check any of the above weather / space phenom / quake info  – the links are always on my sidebar.

Be aware Uranus is odd energy coming from sideways.
I have a 29 degree Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto.  The professional weirdo, lol.
Maybe the globe gets a taste of what I have felt from birth.

Uranus square Pluto = weird IS the new normal.

This could be our Earth Breathing – she runs at 7.83 Hz normally, but this square is definitely amping up the vibrations a bit.  You wanna geek / nerd out on Solar Uranian science – been there, done that.  Read all about it here.

What does this mean…? 

We hear HER.
Plain and simple folks she – GAIA – is alive.  She always has been – she just vibrates at a different, lower frequency than humans. 

I would be remiss if I did not lead you here to read about pre-earthquake phenomena.  Am I predicting anything ? – NO !   Though I AM and Advocate for Being PREPARED.

For US emergency links & info – go here.  If you are globally elsewhere, there is still info on what to have on hand for emergencies.

One last thing – the Earth hums ALL THE TIME the astro is only aligned for EVERYONE to hear it now.  Ya dig ? 

Alllrighty then.
Whaddya say we all pray for peace on Earth, love and goodwill to all earthkind.



From NASA :

A coronal mass ejection bursting off the left side of the sun. This image was

captured by the SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) at 6:05 PM ET on September 21, 2011.

A large coronal mass ejection (CME) shot off the West (right) side of the sun at 6:24 PM ET on September 21, 2011. The CME is moving away from Earth at about 900 miles per second.


An X1.4 class (click for video) flare was recorded by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) on the morning of September 22, 2011.

(X-1 flares may cause (click) radio blackouts.)

In the sky Uranus (magnetics) is opposite Sun (electro-magnetics).
Super-powered Pluto is squaring (tension) both….interesting…

If you want more current info, click on NOAA- Space Weather Now on the right.