rocks and stones

There is a backpack in the mind
which over the years has become
filled with rocks and stones.

You do not have to carry them anymore.

You can empty your pack
and carry only compassion
from one day to the next.

William Martin
Ancient advice for the second half of life.

Metamorph is in progress
Are we all feeling stalwart & Capricorn Moon-ish
Moon into fizzy Aquarius
Monday 6:32pm CST, USA

Sun edges closer to an exact
 whammy Cardinal T-Square
surprise metamorphosis is on the menu

Deep Breaths

be prepared for ego hits
also prepare for friends coming to your aid
:::blessed be the humanitarians:::  

 Mercury trines Jupiter
Air to Air
ease of communication will be greasing the gears
 Saturn trines Neptuner Rx
reigning in folly and giving manifestation to higher creativity
Truthfully, I am having a hard time saying anything good about that last one. 
Neptune opposing my 8th house Venus/Jupes is painful.
Neptune Aquarius years were full out wretched. 

I am telling you this
because if me and my giant Neptuner
can make it through the electric shock Aquarius years
if I have clawed my way through life with this trilogy of
hard hitters
 you can make it through this too.
blessed be

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    • I love it too, trawling my library for more sage wisdom in the am. Thanks too, is good to have friends while slogging through the swamps. Hope you fare well . . .

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