Jiffy POP

Soz !
 Great example of mistake planets (Ura/Plu) T-square meets Virgo multi tasking snafu.
Was trying to edit at Speed lube oil change – instead posted incomplete.
 bob and weave,  T-Square dancers !  HA
Take 2


Quickie read: One card draw for clarity surrounding upcoming square, leading to highest outcome for all.

This is the Enchanted Map Oracle Deck.

Unexpected Visitors –  could be friends, ideas, changes, oddball situations,
 Basically we are all doing the blind side boogie in this Sun Uran Plu T-Square
Float like a butterfly peeps – bob & weave

(crux of the sitch, message from spirit)
Mountain – here is the Pluto in Capricorn bit.

How to Pluto the outdated Saturnian obstacle ?  
(Climb the mountain)
BE URANIAN.  Think differently.  Go around, plow through, fly over.  Be like a willow and bend rather than break.  See the situation from a new perspective, flip over to the other polarity – find the back door, pick the lock, kick the door in.

Hold your natal chart upside down and to the mirror – INVENT your NEW DOOR.
Invent the new YOU !

WoOoHoOoo !
May the Metamorph be with you . . .