engage enhancers

Saturn is in Scorpio folks !

The planet of structure & form meets the sign of fixed water.

Saturn is conjunct Mercury and trine Neptuner Rx – awesome vibe for healing communications and night time or daydream escapes.

Mercury sextiles Venus. Focus tuning into the higher realms via divination, music, inspirational art, while keeping one finger on the material world with savvy, creative finance and savings – Saturn is patient.

Mars moves to square Venus and Neptune while Venus opposes Chiron – someone lends a helping hand in your healing & you reciprocate.  Take action and create art, use caution in love and spending.
Subconscious cleansing via theta sleep / REM dreams is enhanced :: engage memory enhancers and creativity by sleeping well – take naps if need be :: dreamless delta sleep is when human growth hormone is released – make deep sleep a priority to keep energy levels up.

Sloughing in the shower is magickal regeneration of psyche via the physical senses.  Keep your eyes open for otherworldly omens making themselves felt / seen in the physical world. 

Be back soon with more – I need to rest, shake this cold that has been shadowing me…


rocks and stones

There is a backpack in the mind
which over the years has become
filled with rocks and stones.

You do not have to carry them anymore.

You can empty your pack
and carry only compassion
from one day to the next.

William Martin
Ancient advice for the second half of life.

Metamorph is in progress
Are we all feeling stalwart & Capricorn Moon-ish
Moon into fizzy Aquarius
Monday 6:32pm CST, USA

Sun edges closer to an exact
 whammy Cardinal T-Square
surprise metamorphosis is on the menu

Deep Breaths

be prepared for ego hits
also prepare for friends coming to your aid
:::blessed be the humanitarians:::  

 Mercury trines Jupiter
Air to Air
ease of communication will be greasing the gears
 Saturn trines Neptuner Rx
reigning in folly and giving manifestation to higher creativity
Truthfully, I am having a hard time saying anything good about that last one. 
Neptune opposing my 8th house Venus/Jupes is painful.
Neptune Aquarius years were full out wretched. 

I am telling you this
because if me and my giant Neptuner
can make it through the electric shock Aquarius years
if I have clawed my way through life with this trilogy of
hard hitters
 you can make it through this too.
blessed be

calling in the note

Sun into Virgo and right away I am tending the sick.
Girl cat gone missing for 2 days finally came home with a big puffy bruised spot.
Catnip rub down was much appreciated.
Virgo rules practical magick as well as pets.

Current astro is a bit spicy / dicey.
Saturn and Mars (work and men) – they are in the sign of love & balance
trine WoOo WoOo Neptune – steep grades sharp curves
objects are not as they appear in the mirror
With that in mind – this IS fabulously funky astro to

Dream it – then BE IT

Mars into Scorpio
 Thursday 10:24am, CST USA

Mars in Scorpio
hits the ground running with transformative desires
in high gear ::: opportunities abound
reform – reshape – rework
shift ancient paradigms ::: new more efficient
structures are shifting and locking into place

Mercury in Leo is a very creative thinker
and when Mars hits Scorpio
– the sign of Uranus exaltation –
::: expect some incoming inventions, intuitions :::
lightning strikes & ozone buzz
from the still watery depths of your Scorpio house

Follow your inner compass to transformation station
North Node is in Scorpio square Sun
find and fulfill your destiny 

Sun opposes Neptune Rx and Chiron Rx
 magickal mojo is working ::: healing vibrations
between you and another
 are already taking place – Neptuning fork
is calling in the note
Lay low.  Stay grounded.
Free associate.
Let the waves wash us clean.
peace & love