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Saturn is in Scorpio folks !

The planet of structure & form meets the sign of fixed water.

Saturn is conjunct Mercury and trine Neptuner Rx – awesome vibe for healing communications and night time or daydream escapes.

Mercury sextiles Venus. Focus tuning into the higher realms via divination, music, inspirational art, while keeping one finger on the material world with savvy, creative finance and savings – Saturn is patient.

Mars moves to square Venus and Neptune while Venus opposes Chiron – someone lends a helping hand in your healing & you reciprocate.  Take action and create art, use caution in love and spending.
Subconscious cleansing via theta sleep / REM dreams is enhanced :: engage memory enhancers and creativity by sleeping well – take naps if need be :: dreamless delta sleep is when human growth hormone is released – make deep sleep a priority to keep energy levels up.

Sloughing in the shower is magickal regeneration of psyche via the physical senses.  Keep your eyes open for otherworldly omens making themselves felt / seen in the physical world. 

Be back soon with more – I need to rest, shake this cold that has been shadowing me…


2 thoughts on “engage enhancers

    • Feels great – snake shedding – you know my crested gecko used to shed, biting and peeling his skin off, then he would eat it !
      I had to watch and make sure he got it all off for health reasons – but whoa. lady.
      ! PRIVATE !
      He did not like me messing with him while it was in progress.
      * Sooper seekrit sacred Scorpy shed * ha

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