High Five !

Five is a number of change, it symbolizes new experiences, travel, flexibility and friends.  Five is ruled by Mercury which brings uncertainty, communication, commuting or traffic, sales and speed.

Five is disruptive, it upsets the balance, which can indicate strife, conflict, disappointment and loss.  Challenge is the keynote of five – the need for flexibility and learning to think on the run.  Five indicates talking, writing, travel, contracts, radio, libraries and study.

Five is rapid in nature, careless in action, speculative in temperament.  Above all – the vibration of five signals surprises – a need for freedom of action and movement.   Fives need to cultivate resourcefulness, versatility, curiosity, self- promotion and re-creation.

Five is a restless yang energy, volatile and exploratory – it signals adventure and acting on impulse.   Five is filled with surprises, but also opportunities.

Fives need to guard against being too scattered, over-working, and being too impetuous.

Five is the sum or rather the union of the first female number (2) and the first male number (3); five represents man  (all :: 2, 3, 5 :: are Fibonacci numbers)

Five corresponds corresponds to the five vertebrates
– fish

five point structure in vertebrates : five fingers, extremities

five petalled flowers are most common

Five platonic solids

They Mayan Great Year (a fifth of the Great Great Year which is 25.920; similar to the Platonic year or precession of the equinoxes)

Five books of the Torah (the Law)

Five pillars of Islam

Five visions of the saints beatific or intuitive vision, “abstract” vision, intellectual vision, imaginary vision and the corporal vision.  (fascinating, yes ?)

Five lines of the musical stave

Five elements (Wu Xing) in Chinese tradition

When Venus moves through the zodiac once every eight years, its five conjunctions  with the sun (geocentric viewpoint) forms a huge five-star flower / pentagram (5 point star) shape in the sky. In ancient Babylon it was the sign of the goddess Ishtar, aka Aphrodite and Venus. (video here, scroll down)

Here you can see the Pentagram formed from the Vesica Piscis, the mother of everything. (see numerology 2)

Above you see the golden mean as it relates to the sacred geometry of the pentagram.

Medieval alchemists wrote of the fifth essence – the quintessence – or Aether.  Scientific viewpoint of aether here.  Magickal when added to the four elements ( fire, earth, air and water : basic to create humans ), it is likened with the sanskrit Akasha, or astral space.