Four winds

Mirkwood recurve 60″ bow, used by Legolas

Saturday October 6

10:21pm CST, USA
Mars into Sagittarius

Mars feels great in Sagittarius fire !
Lucky me !  I have this placement.  Sagittarius Mars loves to explore anything and everything.  When Mars lays tread in Sagittarius – we are off on an adventure to SEE the world, the proof, the truth, we are the gypsies of the open road.  Mars on fire loves to play – in Sagittarius, Mars chases fresh sunrises on new horizons far and wide.

Sag Mars loves to learn, is in fact, a life long student of life – gathering information from everyone he meets to formulate new ideas and philosophies. This sexy Mars loves the outdoors (nudge, nudge, wink, wink – say no more) and getting physically active: hiking, biking, mountain climbing, whatever – just keep changing it up so they can explore someplace new.

Sagittarius Mars peeps are candid, open-minded and easy-going with a tendency of being blunt.  They are restless, independent and freedom-loving – relentlessly pursuing the highest visionary goals they can imagine.  Often acting on pure instinct (centaur half) while preaching the higher moral road (cerebral half) they are often a walking (Sagittarius rules thighs) contradiction.

They have high moral standards, far reaching visionary goals, futuristic tendencies and they love a party !  Sagittarius is mutable, so they can easily blend in and get along with many different cultures – Sagittarius rules foreign locales and long-distance travel, publishing and universities.

Mars in Sagittarius instinctually expands everything that house has to offer – it is a powerhouse of intellectual energy !  One thing to keep in mind is that Sagittarians are not known for their ability to focus on one thing, they are easily distracted and their energies can be a bit scattered to the four winds.

While Mars travels with Sagittarius, extra concentration and focus is called for if you want to get things doneotherwise, get FUNKY and FROLIC FREELY !

Mars is a shiny arrow zinging open new paths in your Sagittarius house – work it to your advantage !

FOCUS on your GOALS.


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