Grinning & Winning


Full Moon Eclipse 25 degrees Aries
Friday October 18 6:38pm CST, USA
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 18 Scorp

Monday October 21
5:29am CST, USA
Stations direct 2 Scorp

Saturday November 10 4:11pm CST, USA
(where it re-grooves own path from Earth’s perspective)
Pre: October 1 through Post: November 27
Aries Uranus Rx square Capricorn Pluto 9 degrees
Friday November 1
Jupiter Rx 20 Cancer
Sunday November 3
New Moon Solar Eclipse 11 Scorp

Thursday November 7
Neptune Direct 2 Pisces
Wednesday November 13
:::::::::::::::: time_by_kd_matheson-d38y5t1TIME by kd-matheson

Heh.  Metamorph Mambo.  This will be interesting.  As you can see, we will all be very busy under this sky in the upcoming weeks.
::: Eclipses are FLASH POINTS :::
Speeding events through the portal MAY CAUSE DISTORTION and FEEDBACK.

First up to bat: Full Moon Eclipse in Aries at 25 degrees puts Sun in Libra opposite Moon in Aries, both in square to Jupiter in Moon-ruled Cancer.
Emotionally driven action that leads to balance re: feelings, memories, mother, home via changes in philosophy, travel, the ethics of moving ahead – onward through the past.

Virgo Mars (rules Aries) is the Eclipse Head Honcho, (HA ! Aries joke) in opposition to Neptune Rx in Pisces – fuzzy logic may be coming your way re: what to think and how to morph. TAKE YOUR LEAD here, people – Mars widely trines Full Aries Moon.

Go with your instincts, go with your gut !  

This eclipse spotlights personal growth and independence.

Check the house where Aries lands in your natal.
This is how and where you be be BLAZING YOUR TRAIL.
See what is up with your natal Mars & Jupiter – BIG clues & Keys here.

Luna widely conjunct (12 degrees) South Node in Toro is a nod to LETTING GO.
Completion, moving away from something or someone you love/loved.

Mars Head Honcho trines metamorphic Pluto in Capricorn from Earthy earth, earth, earth Virgo.  Grounded. Stable – we are feeling good in other ways, unexpected Uranus square Pluto ways.

Venus SEES ALL POSSIBILITIES in Sagittarius & she also ATTRACTS THEM !
We are learning, growing and stretching and it feels GREAT !
One door slams shut, and a window FLIES OPEN.
Steady as she goes Capt’n . . .

Anything in the ballpark of 25 degrees +/- 5 will be feeling it – late degrees of Cardinal signs will be working it via square.  (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Note: Eclipse energies are active for weeks, sometimes months before and after the actual event.  (Sun will square eclipse point in 3 months; oppose in 6 – ck Aries progress at this time)

Late degrees of Leo and Sag offer support (also opportunities re: hope, honor, generosity of spirit) through awareness.  Late Aquarius and Gemini offer emotional support via open lines of communication.

Note: Mercury stations 3 days after Eclipse and stations can be tricky aka: rocky re: comms of all kinds.  Think 2x, speak 1x.  We ARE talking ARIES here.

House Scorpio supports Jupiter – focal planet of Eclipse T-Square.
Meaning dig deep, tweak perspectives – see both sides of self and other.

Saturn, North Node of Destiny and Mercury are the in-house rolling conjunction trine sensate sponge Neptune, and teacher/philosopher Chiron in Pisces.
Remember most of all, to move forward with the sense of humor well oiled and firing on all pistons and everyone will come out grinning, winning and healed.

peace out

crack o p e n

The stars about the full moon lose their bright beauty when she, almost full, illumines all earth with silver.

The gleaming stars all about the shining moon hide their bright faces, when full-orbed and splendid In the sky she floats, flooding the shadowed earth with clear silver light.
:: Sappho ::
This astro is mega transformative.
-this week was a thunderstorm –
I feel like I am lit UP
ready to crack
w i d e    o p e n
This is a Cardinal illumination Full Moon T-Square.
Cardinal signs get things moOoving
I’ve been getting a running start all week
– you – ?

Aries Full Moon opposes Libra Sun
this means
one half is in peace talks with the other half
subconscious / conscious
what you feel / how you act
instincts / identity
self / others
taking / giving
competition / teamwork
boss / subordinate

Pluto in Capricorn squares both Sun and Moon
this means
Pluto the metamorph is the focal planet
it must be

ya dig ?
Our inner power is being put to the test

I AM finding BALANCE.

deconstruction / reconstruction
Transforming what is useless into what is USEFUL

We also have a loose T-square out of sign with

Leo Venus opposite Neptune Rx in Pisces

what is your creative gift / how to serve Earthkind
using the gift for ego gratification / using the gift for the all one
how much service / retain personal health

open to expressing heart / personal boundaries 

Scorpio Mars / North Node – are focal energies
they square Venus and Neptune Rx
Libra Sun and Mercury trine Jupiter in Gemini
ease of communication
::: IF IT IS HIGH QI :::

Libra Mercury and Saturn trine Neptune Rx
analyze thoughts – work out the balance to heal
Aries Full MoOoOoners

walk like a panther

Again and again in history some people wake up. They have no ground in the crowd and move to broader deeper laws. They carry strange customs with them and demand room for bold and audacious action. The future speaks ruthlessly through them. They change the world.  – Rainer Maria Rilke

Leo Venus closes the square to Scorpio Mars – tension as creativity builds.
Venus attracts, balances and seeks peace – she exchanges – her gift for yours.  She has values, demands justice and equality – she is fair.

Your creative destiny is hammered out as Venus also begins to close the square to North Node of Destiny.

Mars competes, challenges and fires off your instincts  ::: you build :::  fixed signs are feeling tense, but yes they are building.  Your Leo and Scorpio houses are hardcore, full-out, laying bricks and foundations just as fast as Pluto tumbles them down in your Capricorn house.

Sun and Mercury are in Libra ::: willpower of mind / analyzation focused on balance ::: is in peace talks with Uranus in Aries ::: sideways risk-taking ::: whadda ride !

All the while the established order of Capricorn is being chewed & spewed – up from the inner core. Everything hidden is revealed: in the light of day, a ray of hope shines in to that deep dark hole.

What and How we Use everything is undergoing daily / hourly metamorphosis – Pluto moves slowly – Uranus is superfast – Sun is coming to express the heart of how and why and what needs to change in order for us TO LIVE.

Sun closes in on Square to Pluto and opposition to Uranus as Moon grows to full.
High-octane instincts are on the prowl – keen to experience the hunt . . .

Full Moon 7 degrees Aries
Saturday September 29th
10:19pm CST, USA

Expect illumination in your house of Aries ::: you have mail !

. . .walk like a panther . . .


Seems something ODD is up.
ha – Imagine THAT.

Not too hard for astrologers . . . we already know earthlings are entering into a whammy T-Square.

With that, I give you weird sounds heard around the globe, followed by astrology…. and, of course, science.

Please keep your head and wits about you.
This is our Earth speaking.
 Not aliens or the horned guy – well unless you mean Capricornian Earth.

For the record, I hear the Earth Humming all the time. 
Nothing cracked open and swallowed me up, so keep your chill.

Check it out for yourself (NWS, several f-bombs at one point)


Sun just went into Libra meaning it is closing in on a square to Pluto, and an opposition to Uranus; which also squares Pluto.   Pluto the metamorphic transformer is in Capricorn (earth) in square to Uranus (oddball, curious surprises) in Mars – ruled Aries.

Mars is dynamic energy and  it is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.  Sound is produced by ear DRUMS (drums are Mars ruled) and Venus is coming to square Scorpio Mars from Leo.  Venus rules the 7th house of the general public in square (tension) with North Node and Mars conjunct in Scorpio.  So the globe gets to hear what I hear all the time.
YaY !   See I’m NOT crazy – just perceptive.

A few things I can tell you for certain about Scorpio – it is mysterious. 
It is transformative.
It is penetratingly powerful.   
It is the energy of divine will – it is the HIGHER OCTAVE of Mars, or personal will.

Keep in mind that Pluto rules Scorpio and Pluto is in Capricorn the sign of EARTH.
Saturn is in the last few degrees of (Venus ruled) Libra set to move into Scorpio, which means Saturn (rules Capricorn) is reaching a culmination stage in the sign of balance.

At this time Moon is coming to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

Moon is the people, as in ALL the PEOPLE, as in EARTHKIND.

We are at first quarter- 52% of FULL – this means we are growing, learning, reflecting and moving toward FULL MOON illumination in the house of Aries.

Full Moon 7 degrees Aries
Saturday September 29th
10:19pm CST, USA

Just prior to Full Moon, Sun and Moon will both have passed  the Uranus Pluto square at 6 degrees. 

Astrology is all about energy and the release of it as seen / felt at the micro and macro level.  The energy peaks BEFORE the aspect reaches exact.

Prior to this full moon, the energy will peak at 6 degrees – then full moon will be another peak and illumination in your Aries house followed by a release as moon grows to dark once again.

For the record, there are NO SOLAR FLARES at this time, I checked.  I don’t see any atypical freaky global weather to set off weird Schumann Resonances / odd noises, etc…and the last earthquake felt in the world was in Tonga, off the coast of New Zealand.

If you want to check any of the above weather / space phenom / quake info  – the links are always on my sidebar.

Be aware Uranus is odd energy coming from sideways.
I have a 29 degree Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto.  The professional weirdo, lol.
Maybe the globe gets a taste of what I have felt from birth.

Uranus square Pluto = weird IS the new normal.

This could be our Earth Breathing – she runs at 7.83 Hz normally, but this square is definitely amping up the vibrations a bit.  You wanna geek / nerd out on Solar Uranian science – been there, done that.  Read all about it here.

What does this mean…? 

We hear HER.
Plain and simple folks she – GAIA – is alive.  She always has been – she just vibrates at a different, lower frequency than humans. 

I would be remiss if I did not lead you here to read about pre-earthquake phenomena.  Am I predicting anything ? – NO !   Though I AM and Advocate for Being PREPARED.

For US emergency links & info – go here.  If you are globally elsewhere, there is still info on what to have on hand for emergencies.

One last thing – the Earth hums ALL THE TIME the astro is only aligned for EVERYONE to hear it now.  Ya dig ? 

Alllrighty then.
Whaddya say we all pray for peace on Earth, love and goodwill to all earthkind.