Promise Lauri BlankPromise, Lauri Blank

Lovely image, yes ?
Admittedly, I have a thing for dandelions, they are all over this site, a symptom of my Venus conjunct Jupes in Leo, keep reading below for the others.

New Moon 11 degrees Libra
Friday 7:35pm CST, USA

Venus and Jupiter rule gratitude
Jupiter rules apologies

Regulars will remember I recently wrote I wanted to make up a word to house both:
I’m Sorry and Thank You.
ALL in ONE ::: ONE in ALL
Yes, a portmanteau…and here it is –


Similar biology + electronics living together harmoniously.
bond is implied.  The Strongest Bond.
aka: Venus, Libra

The human electrical heart grid as shared by all across the planet, human ley lines – but why stop there ?  Animals have hearts – plants feel and give off electrical impulses too.

Mitakuye oyasin
What we think we become – our thoughts/heart (Uranus/Sun) translate vibrations to our micro cellular universe inside while simultaneously vibrating energy to the macro universe outside – our vibrations are picked up, shared and travel across the globe.

Think of Schumann Resonance Waves travelling across the earth – – they often seem to peak at sunrise and quickly decrease during the setting of the sun – – when electrics and shared activity begins to wane.

Electrical Heart is Leo (SunHumankind Electrical Grid is Aquarian (Uranus)
The power struggle CRUX between the two is Plutonic in nature

Where do I find the balance between what I am and what we are ?
My MICRO in ME to the MACRO of all of US
How do I balance who I was with who I am now ?
WEAVE my PRESENT into the PAST to create a FUTURE together

A symbionic prayer/blessing over one who has to die so another may live.
A clean kill . . ?

Plowing forward into the future via Uranus in Aries
Patiently reconfiguring the past via Pluto in Capricorn
In harmonious balance via New Moon conjunct Sun in Libra

1.  Am I in balance ?
2.  Left brain and right brain firing together on all pistons ?
3.  Female Yin in harmony with Male Yang – attract or repulse ?
4.  Past balanced with Future ?
5.  Holding wise court in all 6 directions ? (NSEW, A&B)

Mars in Leo is square Venus in Scorpio for New Moon in Venus-ruled Libra.
We are Creatively DRIVEN to find harmony – give gifts, gratitude and thanks through communication.
This New Moon equals a fresh start in relationships – with ourselves AND with others.

Happy New Moon

What follows in my personal Sun/Ura/Pluto shizz. 
Read on or bug out, whateves. 
I have been honored with many great gifts, a symptom of Venus (gifts) conjunct Jupiter (many) in Leo.  Most all of them took me by surprise, at a later date.  Many of these gifts I did not deserve – quite a few, I most certainly had coming…if you get my drift…

Several years ago, too many dark things came pouring out of my brain one hour on one day when someone I counted on ditched me.  That hour lies crumpled, bleeding and broken.  My worst subhuman thoughts fashioned into form.  For a time, they remained deep six, then drowned, a hazy burial on choppy seas.  Eventually, I awoke…my brain began to unravel my macabre memories, sending my body into shock.  My mind and heart followed.  I became ill.  As more garbage surfaced, I grew progressively sicker, unable to sleep, eat or even drink water.  This went on for years. My head could not hold any more tragedy, mistakes, misunderstandings, nor my heart any more sorrow. I begged the higher powers for death.  Death did not come.  I had no choice but to find a way to live with the garbage I had created. I had to turn my trash into treasure. I realized so many deaths lay circling me in a wreckage – that from that moment on, I would do anything I could to prevent even one more – and that included mine. 
At that turning point, I began to rise up. 
Slowly…so slowly…almost imperceptibly, I began to improve.  I did chants, yoga of sound, anything to soothe my jagged nerves, to ease my mental anguish so I could heal. I carried notes and letters of encouragement from friends, pocket stones, allies, the Saint Jude postcard, walked the eightfold path. I began to divinate again, delved deeper into metaphysics, started cranking out artwork day and night.  I began to fulfill my promise though I was still very, very sick much of the time…I was driven to complete what I said I would, driven to be a better version of myself.  

I wanted, needed  to apologize, to thank those that offered such a treasure, their TIME at such unknowing, ungrateful feet.  So, what was begun in another medium has now moved onto this platform.  I keep my promises. That is a symptom of Cap rising with Saturn Rx in Aries 3 trine Mars in Sag at the backdoor quintile Uranus.   Patience is required, I work as spirit moves me to.  My spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health come first.  (I still have health issues on occasion when my stress level gets too high, my body reacts, I am forced to check out for a bit.  This last two days for instance.)
I am closer to finishing, after many years of struggle, and happily so.  Then I move on to two friends from overseas who are waiting patiently, and then, finally I will begin taking on clients from the front door here.  I thank you for reading this far.  It is my hope that by healing myself through a deeper understanding of astrology & metaphysics, I have helped light your healing journey as well.  Namaste.

One last mention for new Libra moon. . . a very kind, savvy Libra once made a seemingly innocuous remark that years later became incredibly relevant. 
What your Venus offered tipped my Mercury in Libra scales toward balance.
Four little words that added up to two.