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This Uranian bird totem is right on time.  Oddly enough I don’t see them often, and usually at dawn or less frequently dusk – in broad daylight is rare. 
There ya go, Sun opposite Uranus square Pluto at work in the bird kingdom.

Heron balances emotions (water), thoughts (air) and the practical (earth) through quiet vigilance, making it a sign of jack-of-all-trades work.  This solitary bird wades deep into the subconscious world, peering with keen insight into the emotional well of souls, unlocking the doors of perception, following its own inner guidance. 

It only joins others during migration or breeding season, otherwise, it is solitary. Patience and knowing when to strike are hallmarks of heron medicine, as is an independent spirit that insists on taking charge, exploring new territory.  Heron balances on one leg (often while sleeping), signaling a need for standing up for oneself while also counterbalancing the weight of the other.

Bennu, meaning to shine, to rise, was the sacred bird of Heliopolis, the soul of Ra, the quintessence of rebirth.  Greeks renamed the Bennu, calling it the phoenix (Pluto). The planet Venus was called the Morning star of the ship of the Bennu-Asar. 
Note: New Moon in Venus-ruled Libra tomorrow.

Aztec myths led the people from seven central earth caves to emerge on the surface in Aztlan, the place of the herons

New Zealand Maori call the great spirit messenger egret Kotuku which symbolizes everything rare and beautiful. To say that someone is a Kotuku is a great compliment. 
(Heron and egret are similar species) 

This I found interesting being a 9th house Sun/Ura/Pluto conjunct gal in the middle of this crazy transitional T-Square:

On a spiritual level, there will also be a phase of awkwardness and groping for identity. Many revolutionary ideas are first conceptualized by the Blue Heron individual, as they will not be content with watching society operate in the same mode it has done for generations. As a child this independent thought will be a great consternation to parents and guardians, yet as the body, mind and soul of Blue Heron grows and develops, this same ability to think independently may serve them in professions such as exploration and research, politics and scientific discovery and invention as these souls once more learn to transform what was once viewed as a liability into an asset.

May harmony and balance be yours this New Moon

6 thoughts on “Aztlan

  1. Aztlan = from Atlantis. Guard your health with a lot of negatives around at the mo. Very sorry to hear about your cat but happy you have adopted others.
    Today in another place been looking after a retriever, 100! white corellas flew over me. Then in another closest to wild place we found, a sparrow hawk, flew low over me chased by a small bird. So not surprised with a heron message.
    Finally coming home to my birds greeting me wanting food for babies.
    I like symbionic! I watched “The Host”. Those rocky monuments Arizona? bring back memories of waiting in underground caverns.
    Take care!

    • Atlantis, I see it now, it was reminding me of :something: You have PL memories of this ? interesting. Splunking is ok until crawling out a pinhole crevice for what seems like days. Then it gets a bit sketchy. ha
      Love all our bird sightings, my blk labs flushed a heron on our very first day in this house years ago, so heron is extra special. Kitties are swell.
      Negatives here are mechanicals going wonky, lights going out. Usual Uranian whizpops.
      Glad you like my word…came to me after a Grand Tableau spread showed some interesting mirroring between the man and woman cards.
      Have not seen The Host, have been to AZ all over the 4 corners, love red rocks.
      I did see Touch, loved it. You take care as well x

  2. That’s better! I don’t know why my comment came up as anonymous. Esp in reference to a heron! I like symbionics, it’s masterful, creative! sensitivities and synchronicities. You know Names with Atlla root words are references to Atlantis. I’ve got a beautiful pacific heron that fishes so gracefully all around my big dam here. He has all white neck and underneath and gun metal blue plumage and long legs.
    I suppose Uranus is bringing more messages. He’s pretty radical with me anyway.

  3. I knew it was you 🙂
    Was trying to get a close up of heron when batteries ran out. Know he can be skittish if spooked, so I let him be.
    Two Uranian messages & a dream visit, lots going on in the deep these days…
    Only once have I seen heron at the tip top in a tree years ago. Glad you stopped by, happy new moon !

  4. Pluto deep, Uranus..well “out there”. Neptune diving in the ocean of dreams, and Chiron the Centaur standing by gently smiling down on the small child playing in the earth. I’m so glad I don’t have to live in the real world. May our new moon wishes come true soon y’all!

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