Red Dead Redemption. by ScorpionBlaze
Red Dead Redemption

Damn I love a gritty western. 


Jupiter and Saturn are the social planetsthey BRIDGE the gap between the quicker moving personals Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars – and the much slower generational planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Have a look at your natal Saturn.

Have a look at your house Scorpio. 
Herein lies your test.

For everyone this Saturnian / Scorpionic energy revolves around Plutonic desires in opposition (peace talks) with the haves – or the have nots – (whatever the case may be) across the wheel (via another) in Venus-ruled Taurus.

The house your Scorpio lands in will tell the tale of woe and redemption. 
Discipline, lack, restriction, conservation, patience and perseverance over time.
WORK and LOTS of it.
Live Long and Prosper vibe permeates.

Capricornian (Saturn) energy keeps going when the going gets tough.

::::::::::::: ALTITUDE.

Work is the opportunity OUT for everyone.
Houses Virgo and Capricorn hold the golden tickets – daily routine and career on the material earth bound plane.
Push it, work it.
Know your craft, intensify study, crank out effort that equals results.

There is now a mutable (flexible) Mercurial (thinking) VIRGO Sun (and Mercury until 9/9) trine every material manifestation until Sun moves into Libra on 9/22.
Let this be your foundation to build a dream on.

Mortar = differentiating between desires and wants.

What do you NEED ?

Think bare bones.
Hard tack, water, shelter, sleep.
Then move UP from there.

Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn.
Plutonic transformation and metamorphosis is MAINLINING Saturnian work
at the mo & this obviously applies in reverse as well.

If you are struggling with desires and how to plunge, plow or proliferate forward…
Metamorphoset the Goal(s).

Go bare bones.
Work your desires rather than let them work YOU.


8 thoughts on “Metamorphoset

  1. Funny synchronicity! I’m finally back online with new satellite dish from being hit with last Merc. retro. It’s last day, as it was stationing direct, included me breaking my foot. Anyway, i have just announced my comeback to some friends with a great photo of a cowgirl on a pinto horse! Where does all this synchronicity come from? Also a few dreams lately where I have been climbing up on various structures to reach higher places. i think I will be happier when we lose some of this Cancer energy. It doesn’t suit my fire.

  2. Sounds like one hell of a Mercury station ! Welcome back, and happy healing to you & your foot.
    Speaking of reception, Uranus squ Pluto with Saturn is funneling angelic messages & synchronicities to the Earth plane triple time . . .
    Sounds like you have good altitude, keep it UP !
    I had dreams very much the same during a very difficult time in my life – climbing a straight vertical incline, sometimes alone, sometimes not. They were a sign of improvement, grounding and eventually they faded as I grew healthier.
    Cheers !

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