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Steampunk Tarot

Steampunk metamorphoses the junk of the past into useful goods for the now/future.
Today’s read revolves around North Node of Destiny conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.

Intent for highest good, most insight, forward motion towards most benevolent outcome.

What to concentrate on re: Past (left) Future (right)
What is the Fulcrum between the two ?
Lastly, the Spirit card (bottom right) is the Crux of the sitch.

Death :: Sun
 Ace of Cups :: Four of Pents

Seems obvious doesn’t it ?
 Yet, sometimes we all need the reminder.  I certainly do…constant heartache going on 10 + years now, in fact, I have quit counting…what’s the use of it ?   True Capricorn rising with Saturn Rx in 3 style, if it isn’t of USE to the mind – fuq it, chuck it already.

Wailing and moaning only makes it worse, trust me – I learned that the HARD WAY.

House Capricorn is getting ravaged & rebuilt – house Scorpio is lending a hand for better or worse via Saturn (conjunct North Node) in mutual reception.  Check the houses these land on and any planets therin – here lies your greatest metamorphosis.  These are areas of constant change – may as well deal – remain positive.

Love is the answer.
Love is the Fulcrum.
Moments of joy can make all the difference.
 That goofy little song Hugh Jackman shared that James McAvoy (X-Men, Dune freak here) shared with him oddly enough (see my Twitter feed), made my day – actually a couple of days.
Silly little thing that unexpectedly cheered me right UP.
 Yesterday I met a guy who loves astro.  He dropped trou, showed me the tatts to prove it.  Cracked me right up, it was cute and again, a silly little thing that made my day.

Death and metamorphosis is painful, truly gut-wrenching at times, but it is absolutely vital that we all remain on the sunny side.
Keep hope and lend a hand to others, be loving and kind, don’t rush to judge others harshly.
That is the Crux.  Cling to it.


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