moving in betweens

For New Virgo moon 003

Your wish is within reach try to gain it.
Fortune cookie
Do or do not, there is no try.

Interesting dark moon, yes ? 
I consulted with : my garden, Archeon Tarot, Runes, Aleuromancy.
I wanted to know what we concentrate on for best New Virgo Moon results.

Thursday 5th
New Moon in Virgo
6:36am CST, USA

Ace of swords lives on the mental plane – Mercury and higher octave Uranus – communication across the electrical grid that connects us all.

The electric spark of all life forms create Human Ley Lines across the earth.
Thought, pen and sword – All are mighty.
We are co-creators.

Sun and Mercury (rules Virgo) are in navel gaze dark moon mental reset mode, esp with Sun opposite Chiron the bridge between thought and execution – wounds and the healing of them.

Sun opposes Chiron – how do we make peace with those we have wounded, with the part of ourselves that cannot reconcile hurting those we love, the imperfection of making mistakes ?

No muss, no fuss – Virgo works out the kinks quietly.
Recognize, reconfigure, RISE UP.

Much lurks underneath with Plutonian (death card) metamorphosis & Saturnian  restructuring holding hands with North Node of Destiny while in trine to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron the teacher, philosopher wounded healer, the seeker, the mentor urges us to face the wreckage, pick up the pieces and rebuild. 
Bionic steampunk – better, faster, stronger.

Virgo sees the dots, the connections in the web of life – – analyzes, invents, carves a practical path of healing by solving problems from the ground up. 

Virgos are the queens of self-improvement.
When they have that task in hand, they then mobilize forces to improve the situation, working ever outward from a center of diligent focus.

Heimdall’s Aett (change)
Nauthiz is the rune of Urgency and Need
Delays and resistance leading to strength and the power of will to overcome.
Exercise patience for survival.

Natural garden maters spoke to me of
Double bodied signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. 

Mutable in nature, they more easily move between the driven to achieve and be first in all things Cardinals – and the more stable, stuck in a rut, building, finishing Fixed signs.
They see and move between both sides, they are dual in nature.

Right now, healing and higher octaves of it are mutable and moving.
Best results are arrived at by thinking it through via daydreams and night dreams – logically, intuitively – one step or sword at a time.  Quietly lay plans that will come to meet the material plane on the New Moon in Virgo.

New Moon (conjunct Sun) trines metamorphosis and also sextiles expansive Jupiter in Cancer for a kick of beneficial new starts and expansion in home; family, feelings, public matters; structured work and achievements, goal set transformations, passionate power rebirth – penetrate deeply now where you will focus your most growth through daily rituals over time.  SEE what you want to FEEL, what you DESIRE to ACHIEVE.

Where attention goes – energy flows.

When Moon is New in Virgo – take the reins and yeeHAW


8 thoughts on “moving in betweens

  1. Verne, this is what I get as an email form Gneiss’s blog click on the blue and hit the follow tab (lower right hand corner). I think she could be a good influence for you even if she is a bit out there. She says a lot in her blogs, most of the time…..

  2. When we are “a bit out there”, we get a better view! Lilith in Cancer, Ceres in Virgo. Yesterday morning dreaming of a young woman who had just moved into a narrow tall house surrounded by some tall crops maybe sugar cane. She showed me in a rough potting shed a pumpkin crop going nuts! All different shapes and sizes. Nature’s fecundities. This morning dreaming of past relationship pains, Chiron digging emotional hurts up to the surface. It;s been showing me how the foundations really were and how easily particular buttons are pushed. It appals me, how easy it is to revert to the hurt child. Still, I think it is healthy for us all to see our pained areas. Need to detach….

    • Agree with the bird’s eye view. Fantastic dream astro correlation. House is inner psyche, tall and thin with sweet crops of the same size, interesting.
      Throughout history sugar cane has been chewed…Saturn, teeth, past.

      A harvest of great orange Pumpkins made me think Svadhisthana (sweetness), the sacral chakra which is directly related to relationships, personal power and self-worth. All Sun /Chiron balance issues with a Plutonic/Saturnian kicker, you are right on schedule.

      I dreamt of possum, had eyeball comms with a hawk on my right on my way home where I walked into my studio to find Ganesh on the floor.
      True, true…much coming my way soon, I may be scarce for a few.
      Thanks herongrace

  3. Funny synchro, a few mornings ago I was dreaming I was explaining to a young Chinese woman how Ganesh got his elephant head. I feed my possums on the deck every night, and yesterday I saw my magpie on the table intently studying something in the sky and looked up and there were 2 kestrels circling around.

    • I love how the multiverses are woven together !
      Like attracts like, similar to women and moon times, the frequencies of sensitives are being tuned & attuned to reach a higher more harmonious vibration. Funky astro + Neptuning fork home game ! a cha cha : )
      Found a cool bird book last night you might like…stay tuned, is at home.

  4. Funny! I’ve just called 1 of my male King parrots “Cha-cha”! ha ha! Because when they are on the deck eating seed, they cha-cha around each other.

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