the giver & the taker

Faeries Oracle – Brian Froud

Quickie read today, and the next few.  Very busy at day job, may be scarce a bit.
Last night I realized some idiot (me) set all the Lithomancy stuff including stones a little too close to the modem.  We’ll see how that turns out this eve when I take a look at it.
Virgo rules the very small, particularly the small life found in nature.  
I asked the cards what would the world of Faerie and small critters of Virgo like to tell us for New Virgo Moon (conjunct Sun).

Left is the answer.
Right is the Spirit, or Crux of the sitch.

Singer of the Chalice 
Joy, hope, creativity, patience and LOVE.  
These ENERGIES are always ON TAP at the COSMIC BAR if we choose to drink of them.
Be Open to healing , compassion through the depths of the ALL ONE.

Why do we not associate death with miracles as much as we do birth ?  
Each are to be celebrated.  Death is a natural, timely release.
Death is irrevocable change.  We experience death in each and every second as we lose skin, cells, heart beats, breath goes in & out.

Be at peace.

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