I love this vid.
I get bird messages all the time, especially when Uranians are on the way.
Uranus rules birds.

Yesterday I met Sam Bush after years of hearing him play – just a small hello but timely (we have conjunctions) and meaningful to me.    He’s very sweet and kind, with a prominent Uranus, so that hawk on the right from a few posts back was indeed him.

I have been working on Sam’s chart, but need a few more days to complete it, still very busy at my day job.

Bird_wing_types-1Mars is both – square Saturn/North Node in Scorpio – as well as trine Uranus in Aries.
Internal pressure between how to actively pursue spirit and creativity wisely and well – is met with innovation, inspiration and imagination.
Our path is lit, becomes obvious.

Sometimes all that is needed to completely change the direction of our lives is ONE small wing adjustment.

Keep it simple.
peace & love

3 thoughts on “wings

  1. Fab video thanks! About 2 weeks ago I rescued a tawny frogmouth that was trapped in my potting shed. He was so placid and gentle and wanted me to rescue him. He has big round orange eyes large pupil the same as this owl. I think they are of the OWL family. They are night hunters and during the day they rest immobile in the crook of a tree limb pretending to be part of the tree. They do a very good impersonation of tree and are 1 of my favourite birds around here.
    Yesterday my friend drove us over to the coast and i got to spend a nice day with her cute little boy. We watched a young sea eagle or osprey skim the surface of the water for fish really close to us. I also watched a sparrow hawk hovering near me.
    A nice way to rise above! fixed sq. mash ups!
    I too am suspecting that some of these bird encounters are more meaningful than even I assume.

    • I looked up frogmouth and the tree impressions, so clever and amazing the camouflage ! Thank you for mentioning, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.
      Sea Eagle is in my Aboriginal Dreamtime Deck, I do know of that one.

      Sounds like a lovely day by the water…I have been most of the day enjoying quiet reading. On my end, messages delivered some gains, losses; two conking me over the head – many more were exquisitely sublime. I feel lucky, hope you do too.

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