Big Hand

Jupiter optic
Chill vibe soOo groovy this am and much needed.
Woke up for a twirl in my jammies – fuq this is more like IT.

Honestly – feels like Jupiter turned retro just to extend a hand to get me the hell out of Scorpio Swamp hell a bit early – sweeeeeet. !

Moon saddles up beside Jupiter in Cancer (ruling and exalted in house Cancer, in that order) trine Scorpio North Node, Mercury and Saturn as the day wears on.
Out of the emotional vice for a bit of fun & frolic ? YES

Sun into Sagittarius
9:48pm CST, USA

Four am Grand Tableau cracked me right up !
Bear on Rider, Heart on Ship, Rider on Coffin, Sun on Key
Cut to the chase in pictorial form: This scene sucks, let’s split !

Sun into Sag brings a square to Neptuner and Chiron but also a trine to Uranus in fire.  Burn through the fog, baby. 
Set intent to high qi idealism, inspired creativity, charity – JEDI.
Courage, optimism and faith WahoOooOo !

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