Partial Solar Eclipse November 25, 12:10 AM CST, USA.

Thinking of the eclipse and going to post some pics simply for pleasure…

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Dark moon in Sagittarius and the house is packed !
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   Alchemical Tarot by
Robert Place




  Eclipse crop circle

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Solar Lunar eclipse by Natsuki MaiHiME


NRBQ for my dark moon Sag Mars !!  WooOo HoOoo



Partial Solar Eclipse November 25, 12:10 AM CST, USA.
Visible to New Zealand, The Cape of South Africa, Antarctica.

If you have ?? about visibility of this eclipse, or science ?? regarding eclipses in general, click – here.

Now I delve into the astrology !   Micro & Macro YaY !  (rubs hands together)
Pictured below is the astrology of the eclipse, though keep in mind the energy of an eclipse will be felt before and after the actual eclipse.

Eclipses are signposts indicating new directions in life, both personally and globally.

Events prior to the eclipse can signal what issues will be brought to the table in the coming months, both personally and globally.   The energies surrounding the eclipse are in flux ~ ride the wave ~ we are approaching the dark of the moon on the 25th.

Dark Moons are times of introspection and quiet, a time of planting your seeds for fresh new beginnings that will expand with the waxing of the moon.  Conversely, a solar eclipse is a very outward, ego powered opportunity for leadership and co-operation.

This eclipse is in Sagittarius, making Jupiter (rules Sagittarius) the Lord of the Eclipse.  Sagittarius loves to have friends, and lots of them from all over the world.  Jupiter is the exploring philosopher, the optimistic teacher who likes to have fun.   Jupiter also expands whatever it touches and it is in Venus ruled Taurus.  Taurus is patient, dedicated, hard-working and practical and they want and need security – both financially and in love (Venus).


You can see by the eclipse chart above there is a Grand Earth Trine, that’s material goods, wealth, recognition and success.  Jupiter is in slow and steady earth, building something big with a fiery creative Sagittarius Venus (money, art, earnings, kindness) with a perfectionist Mars bringing the practical power behind the climb.

Uranus, which can be one heck of a wild card is square both Venus and Pluto – so set intentions to be malleable in the face of changes.  Don’t back yourself into a corner financially.  Yes, that means personally and globally.

Did I mention Jupiter, Lord of the eclipse rules bankers ? Well, it does- and it is opposite (a call for compromise) responsible, thrifty Saturn in the sign of the scales of balance, Libra.  What does that tell you..?  exactly.

The quincunx from the solar eclipse point to Jupiter, the ruler of the eclipse ?!
Whoa ! ~ That indicates adaptation and improvisation.  In this case it indicates a regeneration and transformation of character, both personally and globally – a need for adjustment between wants, needs, and ethics.   It is a growing awareness that greed will no longer work for any of us – personally or globally.

Note that Uranus is at 0 degrees in Aries – and it is trine the eclipse degree – that’s a major jumpstart !
Uranus is the rebel; Aries, the pioneer –  first out of the gate to start something new ~>
Imagine all the fabulous new things you can do with the power of an optimistic solar eclipse behind you in the sign of expansion and enthusiasm.

There is a kite with Neptune and Chiron (the only body in water in this chart) at the spiritual helm.  Neptune is inspiration, idealism, spiritual intelligence and yes, suffering.  Neptune just went direct and is building up steam to get the heck out of Aquarius, and Chiron, the healer has already passed into Pisces, which is the sign of divine, faith-driven healing.

Chiron is blazing a trail for Neptune to follow ~ this is a good positive influence, bringing mass attention to the bigger scheme of earthkind / Gaia / Cosmos healing on a global scale.

Mars is in Virgo (Virgo is Mercury or Chiron ruled- depending on who you ask) and Mars is the focal planet of the kite.  Clever Virgo Mars delivers communications regarding the health of the general public via the internet – completely circumventing the useless corporate owned mass media.

Neptune and Chiron opposite Mars in the 12th ~> that’s the Jedi, the sacred warrior – forcing change through spiritual stealth instead of direct confrontation.  Yes, light sabers are deadly, I know.  I am referring here to thought light sabers, the higher octaves and qualities of healing in action with Mars being the blade that cuts away the unnecessary thoughts.  This is the pen (mind) is mightier than the sword aspect. 

Mercury (perception, logic, communication of kinds) is Quintile –gifts direct from spirit- Chiron the philosopher/healer.  Mercury is the Lightbearer for the Physical Sun & this is a Solar Eclipse.  Mercury holds the torch of intellect to alight the the path before ego arrives.  This aspect results in healing thoughts and perceptions.

The Eclipse point, North Node of Destiny, Mercury Rx, and Venus all in Sagittarius in a rolling conjunction (with Pluto popping out on the end in Capricorn) means all these energies are pinging off the eclipse vibe as well.  That is a lot of energy finding internal and external balance (solar / lunar) and expression regarding the philosophy of where are we going on a personal and mass global scale.

Manifest your best destiny and ride the eclipse wave~

In closing, although this eclipse is only visible to portions of Antarctica, New Zealand and the Cape of South Africa, it is felt by all earthkind via the energy grid, similar to the rolling conjunction I mentioned earlier.

Also, after the eclipse occurs, every planet that moves over the eclipse degree, (by conjunction, opposition or trine) pings a bit of its energy into the eclipse vibe for months afterward.  With that in mind, choose your thoughts and manifest wisely in the days to come…