Mars Mayhem

Mars is in Virgo until July 3rd.
The months ahead are a great time for work (Virgo) at a high volume (Mars) pace, that’s on everyone’s plate.
What Mars is doing by transit to your natal, that is yours alone.

Wherever Mars lands in the natal gets revved up, that house is on fire !
Mars is impulsive, aggressive, in your face, confrontational, action- NOW !

Mars is energy in your face and everyone elses.

If transiting Mars is conjunct a natal planet, expect an intense supercharged boost to that planetary vibe.
Trine is the same – but a bit less confrontational, more harmonious.
Square is the internal fight bubbling over, the frustration powder keg.
Opposition is when Mars is in a tug of war with the other planets energy.
Sextile is the opportunity for you to use the planetary energies – you have to go fetch it.

When Mars is in the fight he will go in guns blazing ~> act first, think later.
So if you want to maintain good relations…instead of Ramming (Mars rules Aries) aggression down someone else’s throat, go kickboxing.

Dugh qaSpa’ wogh bachHa’ ~