use love

Venus, the planet of love, art, money and women has entered the cardinal (taking action) earth sign of Capricorn, the practical sign of long-term achievement, building, and success.
She is trine Mars and Jupiter; energy and faith, hope.


Venus in Capricorn highlights not only love, art and women, but also money and how WE USE (Capricorns motto) all of these in our world…in our climb to reach personal and monetary success.  What symbolizes success to you ?

Venus here brings kindness, skill building, responsibility to our energy of love, money and women. She teaches us to bend instead of break.  She reminds us that quiet stillness of prayer or meditation is best done from the vantage point of humility; the bended knees.  (Capricorn rules the knees.)  She teaches us balance and harmony in relationships with each other, and diplomacy regarding money.  She delivers options, and sees all sides.

Venus brings trust, courage, self-confidence and awareness of purpose to Capricorn.
She brings love.

Where do you find a hand to hold yours in the world of female power, where do you find long-term female support, who has your back…?    YOU DO.  Demi Moore recently posted a photo of her back in her bathroom mirror with the reference ‘you always have your own back’.  This is so true, be your own strength, your own rock.

Venus rules Taurus – what we own- Venus is presently conjunct Plutonian power, that is what others own- Scorpio territory.  Are you revising (Mercury is Rx now) and revisioning your feminine power and where the coiled snake rises from within yourself…? What power do you guard for yourself, and what do you give away for the sake of love or money or vanity ?

The first law of thermodynamics is energy can not be created or destroyed, it only changes form.  Where is your Venusian energy placed and how is it phoenixing for you..?  Are you digging deep and going quiet between the recent partial solar eclipse on the 25th, and the total lunar eclipse on December 10th ?

The seeds are sprouting in the garden of your life, it is just after the new moon, tend your thoughts and be kind to yourself, be your own rock of Gibraltar.  Tend to the creative thought, be loving and re-define what is long-term success, streamline and begin again.

This is turtle wisdom.