Count Double Dooku Gem


My morning astro coffeechat & double Gemini Sir Christopher Lee.
YaY !  A double Gem (Sun + Moon), Christopher has a very powerful chart with 2 T-squares.

Focal planets : Saturn, Uranus
SoOo not exactly surprising to find him voicing an astrology vid.
Saturn is trad ruler of Aquarius; Uranus the modern – Aquarius rules astrology.

Libra Saturn Rx focal (on the strengthening critical 0 degree, also exalted – BAM !) bang on the ASC (conj N Node and Jupiter Rx in 1st) square : Mars Rx in 3rd; Mercury in 9(ruling Gemini at MC – BOOM !); chart ruler Venus (Cancer 10).  Mercury and Venus are straddling MC. 

Note: Saturn is work and Christopher has over 250 + screen credits, square Pluto at MC – many are cult (Pluto) favorites (Venus ruling 8th).

Pisces Uranus focal from the 6th square (communication) Mars in 3rd and the Moon in 9th. Is it any wonder he has such an incredibly powerful voice ?!
Dracula-Prince-of-Darkness The kicker is Pluto is also at MC in Cancer, he is well known for roles as creepy vamps and wizards ala Saruman in LoTR, Count Dooku in Star Wars.

This Pluto placement also shows a powerful communicator (trines Uranus) through the arts (Neptune Leo 11 trine Mars Rx 3).   He also speaks 5 + languages.

Pluto conjunct Venus (which rules Toro the throat) + a packed Libra ASC which is Venus ruled – voice with both power and authority !

Christopher has in recent years recorded opera, also a symphonic metal album Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross and Charlemagne: Omens of Death.
christopher-lee-sarumann I also know Christopher has read the Tolkien novels countless times (he said every year in an interview once) so I looked up the synastry.

JRR’s Jupiter conjunct CL’s Uranus; CL’s Sun conjunct JRR’s Neptune/Pluto. Fantasy travels through word, which Christopher would later bring to life.  Between them they share a Grand Air Trine + Saturns are conjunct – the ties that bind.  I Love that !

Channeling Uranus !

Fantastic !
Sir Dude – you totally ROCK !

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You’ll see why.

Cheers !

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  1. Woke up, fed kitties, poured coffee, settled in to listen to the astrovid while I read my cards.
    Got distracted by CL natal before I could read it, just now sat down with a fresh cup.
    Houses: Lily, Sun, Moon in GT
    Cracks me UP !
    Orthanc much ?

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