Watcher is also Watched

photoBreath of the Night Oracle

Did a quickie read for Eclipse energies.
South Node Toro energies on the left; North Node Scorpio energies on the right.
Intent: most benevolent outcome, best insights.

Shuffled deck pulled cards that fell before and after the Eclipse card.
This draw I find humorous because I asked a BotN group how eclipse had been coming up for them.  I have been been drawing eclipse + either letter or book, repeatedly, until the last read right before I wrote tribe vibe, personal timbre where eclipse landed on fish.

Mercury Rx and Uranus (comm octaves) are prominent in the eclipse astro.
Water, also prominent, and in Scorpio that is shared resources- power changes hands.
Think money, sex, drugs, inheritance, those kind of arrangements – very apt.

Note: I like cats, substitute it for trad dog card, but use dog meanings.  thank you.

Friendly messages (letter, texts, e-mails) from a woman of wealth (financial, emotional or both) as well as business transactions with her.
Spirit cards (bottom of decks) reveals help arrives to guide you on your emotional journey.  Someone is waiting for you.
Clarity on Eclipse card: the watcher is also being watched, clever dispersal of goods.

An aside, I have always disliked both the 5 & 7 Swords cards until I bought a deck where the images looked like Faramir sneaking around Orcs in Osgiliath.


It changed my perspective

 now I actually like them.
Scorpio rules spies.
Just sayin’.