3rd power

shaman-v2-cristina-mcallisterShaman Cristina McAllister

Someone I love planted an earworm in my brain (Saturn Rx 3 trine backdoor Mars Sag)* many years ago while I was on vacation in Colorado.  I heard it, thought it was curious, dismissed it – quite frankly, I still don’t know quite what to make of it all these years later.  Wouldn’t have guessed then that I would be healing myself/us from the future in this timeframe, but I AM.  Time and long-distance seem to be my specialties.*

Life with Uranus/Pluto is strange…very strange…but I wouldn’t trade it.
Energy healing is something that saved me when double degreed doctors couldn’t.

Astro-fiends will not be surprised that a Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto 9, is self-taught.  
I didn’t learn from a Grand PooBah Master with certified lineage from Master One.  
I can read.  I looked it up on the internet, started applying it to myself.
I still find it odd I was drawing the Cho Ku Rei symbol before what I knew what it was.
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I urge you to check out energy healing on your own if you haven’t already.
Have faith in your power.
Be open to your impressions, your intuition.
Channel the positive vibes and let ‘er rip.

Last night after I sent healing into my past, my mind was drifting.  I was wondering how it felt for the other recipient as I sat down to eat.  Just then a white spider came dangling down from the ceiling on a spun webstring about 6 inches from my face on my left.

That is past to the 3rd power.
Left, Spider (Saturn ruled), messages from a distance. *
yeah yeah yeah x


Note: Marked visible improvements this am re: what was physically/psychically ailing me as well. peace

3 thoughts on “3rd power

  1. Great post!

    Saturn is transiting my 5th house, and square to my 8th house Chiron in Aquarius, plus Mercury is retro. Talk about earth worm in the brain — that’s Gemini, too!

    I can’t believe that I just posted a painting of an artist named Christina McAllister, and you posted one of her paintings, as well.

    I suppose our brains are on the same channel!

    • Must be !
      Heard a lecture on dark matter last night, today up pops thoughts similar to mine, elsewhere.

      Weird sycnhronections everywhens !
      Lightning, meet lightning rod

      This work is so luscious with Virgo symbols, I fell in love immediately – the symmetry appeals.

      Happy Eclipse/square/Mambo !

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