Moon in Sagittarius !
So breezy and light, I love it  ~>

Scorpio void moon was a killer for me, definitely revelation station.

In my progs Venus is squeezed between Uranus and Pluto ! YeOuch ! and in a tug of war (opposite) Saturn.  For non astro folks, that means my creativity, money love and work is getting the knock-down drag & shake out.  Uranus going Rx applying to prog Saturn in ick aspects (square Moon conj Mars in progs as well) made it obvious.
Time / work mgt. issues !  Saturn is the body, Saturn is work.

I have been working far too much – really trying to juggle what has amounted to – two full time jobs – be coherent and correct is something that is mentally (my natal Saturn is Rx in 3) and physically impossible for me. 

Sometimes saying I can’t can be a lifesaver.  Rock climbers have to know not only the capabilities of their equipment, but also their personal limitations. In my case, Saturn in Libra has been about respecting my body and its limits – I am making Venusian friends, new friends with time and workload – meaning work limits, time management, respect for balance etc…

Cap rising, Toro Moon, Virgo Sun…is a bit stubborn about the workload. My groovy galpal said to me a couple of days ago, “I have made 5 hideous mistakes this week !”  My reply, ” Oh, so we’re neighbors ?!”  Hey what is the point of being on earth if we don’t try…?…and sometimes that means crash & burn.  The most important thing is getting back up and getting back in the game.

Grand Fire trine / kite with Moon (feelings) opposite Jupiter (hope, expansion) as I write this.  It is good to have hope, to feel hope.  To those out there who feel hopeless, I have been there, I have lived there, and I sometimes still visit, but I do not unpack my bags and move in.  I take stock, become grateful, and lighten up – shift perspective.

Lately, I have not been following my intuition, I have tried plowing right through and working even though I know I am tired and need to re-charge, regenerate.
Sleep – ffs !
Feed my own soul, and have some fun.

Five retrogrades and a monster void moon in Scorpio it takes for me to finally get this.

I have gained some groovy Scorpy Moon insights, though.

 A friend mentioned she always takes off jewelry before readings, and wondered if anyone else did too.  Many responded yes, and I do as well.  Just always ‘felt’ right.  In addition, I always wash my hands, face and brush my teeth before readings and energy sessions.  Virgo stellium, ya know. hahaa  We like things nice and neat.  I also change into loose comfy clothing, because not only does my body heat increase, but I likely have candles burning, so it is a bit hotter in the room.

Another thing, all the tarot readings I have posted here are set to the intention to provide positive guidance for all my readers whenever they read it.  If I do address something globally in the reading, it often will reveal itself to have personal significance to someone reading it too.  Meaning the macro of the reading can switch hit and go micro – personal – as well.  Pretty groovy huh ?

I often ‘get things’ beforehand – knowledge I haven’t encountered yet.  I was drawing the Cho Ku Rei symbol before I even learned what it was.

When the Qi vamp from work would approach, I would be drawing this symbol sending it off – bouncing the icky vibe right back to where it came from.  It worked.

Cho Ku Rei is the power symbol – it cleanses, purifies and protects.  It is associated with the physical body and can be used to amp up the auric sheild.

I was trading readings with a new friend a couple of nights ago (first lightning & rain in ages – while we talked).   While doing her chart and going into visualization metaphor mode, into my brain popped a mental image to describe Pluto.  It would not have been one of my usual choices, but for some reason it seemed apt.  Turns out it was the one image  that resonated with her – nothing else would have hit the nail as accurately.

I consider myself open, Neptuner is a sponge after all, but I have been told repeatedly I have big boundaries.  That comes with being a Capricorn rising – Saturn rules building foundations, walls etc.. Capricorns are mystical seagoats – despite hardships they keep going. Capricorns have a faith and hope that is unlike frisky Sagittarius hope.  It is another kind of hope – faith all in life is a learning experience, the universe will right itself through karma, school of hard knocks, making your own luck, preparation meets opportunity – that sort of thing.

Love, work, money, partnership, relationships with others has been on all our plates with Saturn in Libra, but maybe less obvious  is the relationship we have with ourselves.  Saturn has been repeatedly knocking me off the cliff – teaching me how to find personal work balance in Libra.
Got it !
Finally got it !

I will let this be my last thought arrow into space ~>

Edgar Cayce described incarnations on the Saturn plane between lives as the “Great Changer’, a way to reform and renew – start over from scratch.  So if a soul screws up their Earth experience bigtime, they get sent to purgatory at Saturn School, according to Cayce. Yipe. the thought boggles.
…since we reincarnated into Earth school to learn lessons and evolve quickly  while in the physical realm…

What if Saturn could be considered the higher octave of Earth ?

Yes I realize astrology is geocentric, and Saturn is a social, not a transpersonal planet, but I like the idea of octaves, and thinking in octaves.
Curious thought for outer spacetrippers….


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  1. …& for whoever was knocking at the backdoor saying: ‘Jupiter is Bacon’ …
    I about fell. off. my. chair. laughing. !!

  2. A luscious post. Lots of resonance. Very tickled by Cho Ku Rei! It has always been my doodle of choice and have never known what it was, just liked the feel of it, 😀

  3. Love your post! I can feel myself in your words…resonance.
    Thank you again!
    Love and Peace!

  4. Love your post. Much resonance here too. My Cappy Moon enjoyed it…
    Love and Peace!

  5. This is very strange! I’ve just remembered that as a troubled teenager trapped in the madness which was my parents house, I went through a phase of doodling the treble clef music symbol which is very similar to the Cho Ku Rei symbol. I tried the bass clef, but it did nothing for me. I’m thinking I was trying to grab some stability [and harmony!] amidst a sea of craziness. I also played the piano a lot. I don’t know if it helped or not, but moving out the 1st. day I could did.
    Going through some of your old posts to find this, saw the little pyramid with its capstone that I saw as yours!
    1st. song on the radio turned on this a.m. band Phoenix playing “SOS”!

  6. SOS is Uranus-ruled. Phoenix ?!
    How apt at the moment…thank you for sharing !
    I am not surprised you got the symbol beforehand at all.
    You are open to the synchro around you – very important to look and SEE, some forget this.

    In my mind, we receive messages during troubled times, because we are asking for help.
    The messages/messengers are always waiting, but if we call for them, they are able to intervene – otherwise Free Will dominates.

    With prayer, meditation, etc. we are more open to the link with our guides, angels, the higher realms. Intuition is just being open to inspiration from above, and all around us – there are Earth angels too !

    Something on my mind…
    I have always known soOo many things can bring on a trance state.
    I get into one prior to a reading by shuffling.
    Music is a form of meditation/trance as is dance, swimming, sports, sewing, gardening, cleaning, whateves – totally person specific – whatever means :: the zone :: to you is your personal key to meditative zen.
    Far too many get caught up in semantics and how it is supposed to be instead of what it IS, which ends up blocking the flow.

  7. Yeh Shuffling the cards works well for me. I always center myself there and take notice of any cards that throw themselves out. I always say to people “use whatever works for you!”
    You have to be very observant to pick up messages, at the same time, non judgemental.
    Too many people throw out the right brain input with left brain mind.
    My guides have been urging people to meditate in the bath,/water for some time now. I’m not sure why, but have been wandering whether there is some easier conductivity thing happening that they can use??
    BTW very happy to see lion card as positive Aslan energy was what I was picking up just prior to the eclipse. King of fire too with Jupiter rx. Lovely reading. Thank-you!

    • Neptune into home waters of Pisces most likely.
      Neptuner is the meditation with the cosmos planet, stronger by far in Pisces.
      Perhaps also the memory of water a direct channel to changing the structure of our bodies and world which are both largely water.

      I have also considered the base chakra and our relationship with grounding the Uranus Pluto square energies by walking barefoot on the ground.
      Pisces rules the feet.
      Found interesting feet / energy conduit info here.
      You spark ideas, thanks !
      This was good info for me, having weird feet ailments also.
      (apologies if I can’t get right back, working night shift)

  8. Interesting article on the foot chakra. Fair bit to digest there. I’m definitely trying out that salt cure, esp. as it’s so simple. 2 a.m.s ago I dreamt that I caught a train to the city and got off at Chinatown, and immediately ran into an expert Chinese Acupuncturist who did a quick energy healing on my right foot but no needles.
    Today a bit too much fire energy with a bushfire over the hill and over a bit. It’s out now, and we are all safe, but could definitely do with more water!
    I don’t like it when Jupiter my ruler goes backwards.

  9. Try again to get this comment up. Apologies few glitches I posted this 8 hrs. ago. Anyway, thank-you for that foot chakra page, very interesting and much to digest there. I love the foot cure esp. as it’s so easy. 3 a.ms ago I dreamt that I caught the train to the city and got off at Chinatown and immediately bumped into an expert acupuncturist who gave me an energy healing on my right foot, no needles.
    Bit too much fire energy today with a bush fire burning just over the hill and over a bit, so on alert all day. Thankfully it is now out and we are all safe, but could definitely do with some more water!

  10. So glad to hear you are safe ! Much Jupiterian thinking going on here today…and changes are afoot. ::snort:: soz, couldn’t resist. In my 7, much getting underway, gaining speed . Take care

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