mojo rising

Samhain crossquarter day, or summer’s end, traditionally falls on the calendar date of October 31st in the Northern hemisphere, May 1st in the Southern hemisphere – though it astrologically falls several says later at 15′ Scorpio. 

Also known as All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas, and in Mexico as The Day of the Dead, it is the time of year when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest. 

Candles are lit to guide spirits to the ritual feast.  Offerings to the familiar dead (ancestors) are filled with warm memories, altars are rich with personal treasures.

Autumn marigolds spill from vases, the warm smell of cinnamon cider fills the air, tables are laden with nuts, mushrooms, pomegranates, pumpkins and squash – all in fond remembrance of the dead.

All are gifts to help loved ones on earth celebrate both life and the release to death by helping guide loved ones to the lands of eternal summer.
As I mentioned in my last post – this is a fabulous time to shed / transform unwanted memories / habits / pain and close the door to loss with a ceremony of respect for the dead. 

I have done this and found it extremely helpful – grab a pen and a big piece of paper.

We are going for total stream of consciousness writing, let it all out – no editing –  Make a list of all your trepidations, fears or unwanted habits – or better yet, all 3. 

What you feel holds you in chains, what you think is confining you, what you wrestle against to find freedom.  What you want to release, you write !

Write it all down from as far back as you feel you need to  be specific !

Know that with the intent of writing you are purging all the negativity and fearful energy from yourself onto the paper which will be released to its death.

Create a blessing, prayer, a spell that releases the energy back into the universe, cleansed and renewed by fire.

Throw your writings into the fire and watch them burn.  Envision :say aloud: what good deeds will come, describe your new life, the new hope within you as your phoenix rises in the smoke

peace be with you

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