may the fork be with you

Happy Day everyone –

Void Moon in Leo
begins 9:27am CST, USA
ends with
Moon into Virgo 10:35pm CST, USA

Samhain crossquarter day – Sun at 15′ Scorpio…more on that later

Libra Venus trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini : Air to Air with Mercury in flux ?  haha all kinds of interesting information is popping up, yes ?   Saw that comin’.

Neptune is stationing direct Sunday, with Mercury in Rx flux – cue sleep of the dead replete with wacko dream scenarios ? Check ! 

Mine ? : Music festy cuss and discuss (surprise ! on live cam) morphs into surrounded by antiques, quilts and stitching – but not just any stitching – heirloom stitching, recorded for historical and $$ value, and of course, cue Mercurial man, shiny object, white clapboard stairs leading everywhere, construction workers and we have a sign of Neptuner turning this ship around ! 
My sweet old quilting bee ladies in New England got me covered, stitching up the pieces.  Hallelujah Amen sistah !   Let’s get on with it  !

Scorpio Saturn trine Chiron Rx in Pisces and it occurs to me all this purging of the old deadwood is fabulous, healthy and vital – but in truth – many events in our lives are forever a part of us and simply have to be morphed into a form we can live with.

Hold a death / change / metamorph ceremony for your memory.
Dig a hole in the earth, ground the energy, the awful memory – really deep six it if you have to.  Release the energetic connection it has with you / and you with it – with the burial …let it go…  Fill the hole with dirt, make an offering of tobacco, bless the earth and the seed with consecrated water.  Consider your memory the fertilizer that will nourish the new flower seed you plant.  New fresh life will grow and form new memories that feel better.

Jupiter rules ceremonies – faith, optimism and HOPE.

It helps – I’ve done this very thing – and it works.
Only one thing I keep from my horrible time and that is my tuning fork. 

blessed be