heartbeat of the universe

Rebecca Guay

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.  Joseph Campbell

Total Solar Eclipse
November 13
4:00pm CST, USA

21 57′ Scorpio

Total Solar Eclipse visibility
 can be seen here and
 animated here.
Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse Nov 28 visibility can be seen here.

More science regarding eclipses via NASA here.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
November 28
8:46am, CST USA
Gemini 6′ 47″

The Total Solar Eclipse is in Scorpio conjunct Rahu, the Dragon’s Head (North Node), making Pluto Lord of the EclipseSolar eclipses generate outward expression of the planetary energies : consciously visible changes will occur with this eclipse conjunct Rahu with Pluto as Lord.

During this eclipse, the Moon will entirely shadow the sun (see visibility above).   Astrologically this indicates emotions (water) are high – imagination, adaptability, issues surrounding home and family are heightened; (solar traits) ambition, glory-seeking egocentric behavior are lessened.

North Node, or Rahu, is considered a point of elevation – it is an amplifier – an influx of new energy will pour into your Scorpio house setting you in motion towards your destined future.

This eclipse is a Super Moon, which means the moon is perigee or closest point of approach to the earth.  The weather is often more intense, tides will be higher and lower near the exact date in addition to an increase in wind activity.  Again, lunar traits will be more strongly felt – emotions, home, family, instincts come strongly into focus, and sensitivity is keen.

Many born in the late 60’s will have the eclipse on or conjunct natal Neptune near the 21′ degree : feeling this eclipse strongly on that sensitive planet is likely if Neptune factors largely in your natal chart.  In which case, Pluto (Lord of eclipse) encourages  metamorphosis of all things Neptune, a purging of outdated desires, power reversals and surrender coupled with the beneficial healing and higher love for self and others  that comes with releasing what is no longer serving your highest goals / good.

Check your house of Scorpio to see where you will be feeling the shift.  Keep in mind solar eclipses are active for one year for each hour of shadow – and each successive planet that passes over the eclipse point will then add a new planetary energy to the eclipse gumbo !

Pluto rules fixed water, emotional endings – but also new beginnings !

Chiron will square Mercury Rx at the 0 degree of Sagittarius: re-thinking of learning, philosophies, teaching, healing methods and higher forms of communication of all kinds.

Chiron trines Saturn exact in Scorpio, suggesting new, healthy, firm foundations are the future results of this eclipse.  

Mercury Rx and new Neptune exact square – both at the cosmic portal – the point of possibilities : zero degrees : zero is also ruled by Pluto Mercury and Neptune are vibrating divine intuition and profound transformation at the time of this powerful eclipse.  whoa. cool.

Mars is conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius during the eclipse.  Conjunctions to the Galactic Center call the planetary energy into vibration with all that exists beyond : super conscious intuition works in tandem with an underlying cosmic understanding of all that is.  Now THAT is Universal Higher Mind Expansion, Sagittarius style ! 

Mars conjunct Galactic Center while Uranus Rx in Aries (Mars rules) trines Mercury Rx in Sagittarius at zero degrees : a call to re-activate and re-invent ways of taking action that embody the higher qualities of Jupiter : honor, hope and charity towards others.   Here’s more on the Galactic Center via Johnathan Cainer’s interview with Eric Francis.

Taurus rises in the eclipse chart with Libra Venus trine Jupiter Rx in Gemini.  Seems to me like a pop refresher course on the Occultation of Venus: Gemini and Sagittarius pointed to ongoing improvement in the future evolution of communications.
At that time Venus was square Mars while Mercury was exact opposite the Galactic Center.  From the occultation, we advance to this eclipse : Loving thought coupled with actions rooted in tolerance and acceptance of all life : micro / macro.

Right ON !
peace, love and kind veggie burritos

more on the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse later…