kitty cat moon

Mercury Stations Retrograde 
Tuesday November 6
5:04pm CST, USA

Neptune Stations Direct
0 22′ Pisces
November 11 
1:52am CST, USA

Read more here on the above.

Total Solar Eclipse 
November 13
4:00pm CST, USA

21 56′ Scorpio

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
November 28
8:46am, CST USA
Gemini 6′ 47″


Apologizes, stepped out for a bit on Sunday.   Was ill, and once I peeled myself off the floor I was in no mood for writing.  Natal pinball sent me TILT.   *see pic above The two heavies conjunct my natal Sun are square (Uran/Plu), the planet that touches nearly everything in my natal (Neptuner), is stationing direct while my MC planet (Merc) stations Retrograde – – wild, weird weekend – – I am glad it is behind me… back on track now.

As you can see from the above, lots going on, the eclipses I will finally address this evening in depth.
Within the hour, Moon enters Leo in square to Scorpio Saturn, trine to Mercury in Sagittarius.  Mercury is in flux, obviously, so while moon will get an influx of fire – choose words carefully, Mercury stations are prime times for communication snafus aka: brain out of gear while mouth is running.

Moon will enter Leo in trine to Uranus Rx in Aries [while Mercury also trines Uranus Rx] so messages emotionally relevant and very surprising will be popping up soon – You have mail !

Libra Venus closes the trine to Jupiter Rx in Gemini with a Leo moon in trine to Mercury, relevant messages that crack open unexpected future paths for you.  Saturn closes the trine to Chiron Rx in Pisces, healing is underway. . . just keep swimming ! 

Heads up on the stations: Think carefully : engage brain before blurt or someone could get hurt!

Happy Leo moon everyone !