vyacheslav-mishchenko6Vyacheslav Mishchenko

The doctrine that matter is unconscious which science is based on traps scientists into thinking that the entire universe – the stars, the galaxies, all the other planets, everything else on this planet – is unconscious.  That we for some peculiar evolutionary reason have become conscious, but our conscious doesn’t do anything.  That is the world view that most scientists have, and I think it is a deeply unsatisfactory one.  
If we take the idea that material systems can be conscious, then all sorts of new questions come up – for example – the sun is a complex material system, could the sun in some sense have a mind or be conscious or be aware ?

Rupert Sheldrake

Vyacheslav Mishchenko 2Biologist Rupert Sheldrake is a big hero of mine.
He SEES nature the way I do – he is bursting with curiosity towards all life, with an open mind that craves exploration, new perspectives – most importantly – he USES what he SEES to make connections between all life forms.

I have listened to several of his lectures with Terence McKenna et al.  I love the philosophical banter, friendly conversation, exploring ideas from differing perspectives with like-minded explorers. Trilogues here.  The interview that features the quote above is below this post, and yet another interview (I have not heard it yet) will likely show up in comments later tonight or tomorrow.


Rupert is a Scorpio rising ( ! ) Cancer Sun conjunct Jupiter (exalted) opposite Moon in Capricorn.
Very caring (Cancer) and delightfully philosophical, he is a whiz at balancing (7th house) elemental principles – fire/inspiration, earth/material, water/emotions, and sky/mind.

He is one whammy thinker with a 4 planet Gemini stellium straddling the 7/8 houses.  Venus conjunct Uranus and Saturn in 7 – Mercury (ruling) Gemini in the 8th house of deep research, metaphysics and UNCOVERING the UNSEEN depths.

Venus conjunct Uranus is a love of the wild – doubly so conjunct Saturn or Earth and with all three trine Neptune in late Virgo he represents ALL sizes and forms of life.
Neptune feels it, believes it – then Virgo PROVES it.

Responsibilities to stewardship of our planet, all planets and all life is part and parcel of North Node of Destiny in Virgo conjunct Midheaven from the 10th.

vyacheslav-mishchenko8Leo Chiron conjunct Mars Pluto in the 9th is incredible !
Bulldozing the teachings of those who indeed need a kick in the seat of the pants for being so mistakenly CLOSE-MINDED and dogmatic regarding their one true scientific principles as irrefutable.  Ridiculous !  
Science is ever-changing, as is all life !  Rupert has undergone huge backlash for his statements like the quote above – he is a trailblazer, far ahead of his time, and in my mind, to be honored for speaking out !

Those who are unafraid of speaking their truth are the wisest and bravest of all.
Well done, Rupert, Well done.
In honor of Earth Day 2014.


smartie parties

Moon into Sagittarius
4:49 pm CST, USA

Tons of fun in Gemini at the moment.
All soon to oppose Full Moon in Sagittarius

Saturday May 25
11:10am CST, USA
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius
Full Moon 11:25

This eclipse is a Super Moon, which means the moon is perigee or closest point of approach to the earth.  The weather is often more intense, tides will be higher and lower near the exact date in addition to an increase in wind activity.  Again, lunar traits will be more strongly felt – emotions, home, family, instincts come strongly into focus, and sensitivity is keen.

Mercury, Venus are conjunct Jupiter = bionic thinking / communicating.
Sun square Neptune, illusions and inspirations are at high tide at the moment.
Emotions are as well with the super moon – go in knowing it !
Wild Weekend !

If the energies are too high octane with others – concentrate on your soul work, what you feel like you were put here on earth to do.  Nose to the grindstone + keep clearing your past and moving toward your future with hope in your heart.

When Moon enters Sag, lunar (emotional) energies will trine Aries and Leo – creative action will help ease the tension elsewhere !


Pure thought

That’s when things go wrong, when you’re quietly growing up and they start trying to force being part of society down your throat. They’re all trying to transfigure you from the pure way of thought as a child, forcing their illusions on you. All those things annoyed me. I was just trying to be myself. They were trying to turn everybody into rows of little toffees.

George Harrison

George Harrison, Grand Air Trine with Saturn, Uranus in Gemini

Gemini pow wow + reflections on Uranus square Pluto vibes…
Pow wow is derived from a Narragansett word powwaw, meaning spiritual leader


Pump UP the Jam

Hajime Sorayama

Monday 20

Moon into Libra
12:07pm CST, USA

Sun into Gemini
4:09pm CST, USA

Uranus square Pluto

May 25
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Gemini house is soon to be packed with all kinds of goodies ! 
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter  
Wowza !

Mercury rules Gemini – endowing anybody and everybody with the gift of gab, witty banter, versatility, insatiable curiosity – and hello – flirting off the charts !  Sun, Venus and Jupiter are traditionally thought of as benefics – sprinkling good mojo, so look for a bit of a voosh up in positive mental altitude in your Gemini house.  Gemini is my 6th, and I swear all I want to do is read, but alas, am instead the Queen of Multi-task.  Gem’s and Virgos excel in this being Mercurial.

Moon into Libra will trine everything Gem like a bell through the airwaves (Mercury rules bells) and I have to say – hallelujah amen – with heavy ass Uranus square Pluto pressing down – what a relief – a bit of lighthearted fun and frolic in the mutable house !

Sun into Gem brings a square to Neptune in time for Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse, so be on alert for low qi illusory brain mis-fires, and full on space case daydreaming.

Worked high qi this tense aspect can deliver compassion, artistic brilliance – and as Mercury comes to square Chiron – healing via communication – just be sure to think before you speak.

Likelihood of crisis divination – off. the. scale.

Uranus square Pluto hits up 11 degrees in all the cardinals – forcing change NOW !
Square dance of metamorphosis keenly felt for Aries, Cancers, Libras and Caps.

Keep in mind Saturn Rx in Scorp and Pluto Rx in Cap are in mutual reception while Saturn Rx trines Neptune in Pisces.  Prize winning aspect for believing in your power to manifest your reality via following your spiritual heart.  Scorpio is power, plain and simple – Saturn Rx is digging deep in the mineshaft, purging the buried toxic swamp goo so we can heal.  Powerful Gem placements brings thinking into higher realms – so we can visualize our best path forward.

Uranus square Pluto struggles to change us through how we take action.
 Conflicts over desire and usefulness butt heads to determine our futures.
Make the change before the change makes you.

May 25 Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.
(more eclipse info later)


Fresh Perspectives

One of my favorite drawings by M.C. Escher is Other World – a woodblock from 1947.
So fun to wrap your brain around which perspective your vision travels as you navigate the drawing.

Escher drew fabulous images of changes – morphing one image into another – birds changing to fish then to cats.  He had a great analytical way of turning the ‘situation’ upside-down and starting again.  Escher had technical expertise, concentration, precision; extraordinary vision.

It is easy to see his strengths by the massive pile-up of planets in the 11th house of Aquarius. With Leo rising his chart ruler is Sun, and it is conjunct Neptune (the inspired artist).  The Sun and its placement is where you ‘shine’ and in his case, it is peculiar viewpoints. That’s the Aquarius bit; the oddities, the unusual.

The natural house of Aquarius is the 11th (Think of it as the landlord). His stellium is in Gemini, (the tenant) which rules the hands, and dexterity.  Pluto is digging up the hidden nature of what and how we see.  Mercury is the trickster, after all – and is conveniently conjunct the Moon, which fluctuates.

Venus, or art, is in good aspect to the creative 5th house, and the Uranus Saturn conjunction provides the building (Saturn), of curious (Uranus), visionary (Sagittarian) works.

If you need a fresh perspective, do a headstand or take a different route to work !
Or better yet, contact me for a reading about your talents and gifts !