Pure thought

That’s when things go wrong, when you’re quietly growing up and they start trying to force being part of society down your throat. They’re all trying to transfigure you from the pure way of thought as a child, forcing their illusions on you. All those things annoyed me. I was just trying to be myself. They were trying to turn everybody into rows of little toffees.

George Harrison

George Harrison, Grand Air Trine with Saturn, Uranus in Gemini

Gemini pow wow + reflections on Uranus square Pluto vibes…
Pow wow is derived from a Narragansett word powwaw, meaning spiritual leader


3 thoughts on “Pure thought

  1. Awesome post and great song! Georgie and John were always my favorite Beatles. Funny thing is that I can’t stand the Beatles as a whole, and I despise Paul McCartney, but George and John’s solo work is excellent.

    I never knew that George had a Grand Air Trine. I have two Grand Fire trines (Moon-Venus-Neptune and Moon-Mars-Neptune; both involve my 12th-8th-3rd/4th houses). Those trines also serve as parts making up a Kite in my chart, with Moon opposition Pluto and Venus/Mars/Neptune sextiling Pluto helping to form the kite.

    • I agree on faves, George won out in later years as started channeling my own high qi Neptune vibe.
      (George is a Pisces)

      You certainly have an active chart by the sound of it. My mother also has 2 Grand Trines with the addition of a mystic rectangle, and a T-square with Uranus as focal planet. Firecracker !

      The way I look at it, the energies get to go on walkabout, everyones at the party ! I can see why your vocation with the houses activated too. Very cool.
      Cheers !

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