Pump UP the Jam

Hajime Sorayama

Monday 20

Moon into Libra
12:07pm CST, USA

Sun into Gemini
4:09pm CST, USA

Uranus square Pluto

May 25
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Gemini house is soon to be packed with all kinds of goodies ! 
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter  
Wowza !

Mercury rules Gemini – endowing anybody and everybody with the gift of gab, witty banter, versatility, insatiable curiosity – and hello – flirting off the charts !  Sun, Venus and Jupiter are traditionally thought of as benefics – sprinkling good mojo, so look for a bit of a voosh up in positive mental altitude in your Gemini house.  Gemini is my 6th, and I swear all I want to do is read, but alas, am instead the Queen of Multi-task.  Gem’s and Virgos excel in this being Mercurial.

Moon into Libra will trine everything Gem like a bell through the airwaves (Mercury rules bells) and I have to say – hallelujah amen – with heavy ass Uranus square Pluto pressing down – what a relief – a bit of lighthearted fun and frolic in the mutable house !

Sun into Gem brings a square to Neptune in time for Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse, so be on alert for low qi illusory brain mis-fires, and full on space case daydreaming.

Worked high qi this tense aspect can deliver compassion, artistic brilliance – and as Mercury comes to square Chiron – healing via communication – just be sure to think before you speak.

Likelihood of crisis divination – off. the. scale.

Uranus square Pluto hits up 11 degrees in all the cardinals – forcing change NOW !
Square dance of metamorphosis keenly felt for Aries, Cancers, Libras and Caps.

Keep in mind Saturn Rx in Scorp and Pluto Rx in Cap are in mutual reception while Saturn Rx trines Neptune in Pisces.  Prize winning aspect for believing in your power to manifest your reality via following your spiritual heart.  Scorpio is power, plain and simple – Saturn Rx is digging deep in the mineshaft, purging the buried toxic swamp goo so we can heal.  Powerful Gem placements brings thinking into higher realms – so we can visualize our best path forward.

Uranus square Pluto struggles to change us through how we take action.
 Conflicts over desire and usefulness butt heads to determine our futures.
Make the change before the change makes you.

May 25 Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.
(more eclipse info later)


7 thoughts on “Pump UP the Jam

  1. Late 60’s flashback when Uranus Pluto were conjunct in Virgo – power on tap for social change
    Now they square and we change what isn’t working from that time, move forward

    Gemini Bob on deck

  2. Great post!

    I felt the shift and pressure toward the end of last week. Friday morning, I woke up with a headache — slept most of Sunday, and it’s Monday morning, and the headache is back.

    Stop the shift!

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