Dray Horse

Jupiter is Expansion.
Saturn is Restriction.

Jupiter is faith, trust, enthusiastic exploration into understanding the whole world.
Saturn is discipline, limitation, sharp concentration on success via excellent work.

I have a ton of Sagittarius vibe – packed 9th, Jupiter smacked up with benefics in the house of Sun (Leo).  Yet, Capricorn is my ASC (Saturn rules) making my outlook serious, reserved – I am bound by karma (Saturn is karma).  My actions are, as are all people’s, bound by karma – but somehow it is particularly relevant to me.  (Yes, each natal shows a particular theme of Earth School Study)  The ruler of my ASC, Saturn Rx is in Aries (Mars rules) and it also trines Mars in Sagittarius – Mars quintiles Uranus, the planet that rules astrology. 

Asteroid Karma is 3811 pop it into your natal for insights.

Karma is the law of moral causation. It is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings. We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own Heaven. We create our own Hell. We are the architects of our own fate.  More philosophical karma info here.

My Karma is smack on my 9th house Virgo Uranus.  (Sun/Ura/Plut)
Relevant..?.. yes !  
When I began to grease the wheels of my life with astrological study, my life improved.  I (Sun) was reborn, I regenerated (Pluto).  I not only understood myself better, but I could understand others better as well.  I don’t take arguments as personally because I can read the energy signatures, be more empathetic.  My good karma is writing here at GMA, helping to guide you to the enlightenment you seek to improve your life.

Years ago when I began my strange journey, I was fear (Saturn / restriction, mind 3) based, it was my filter, my lens with which to view my world. 
Where attention goes, energy flows – my outlook and actions (the web I wove) caused far more trouble than I knew how to deal with at that time.
 Karma kicked my ass to the curb.  I had to pick up my pieces, start over and over and again while in the throes of debilitating illness (which Cap ASC is prone to).

In time (Saturn), I learned (Mercury) to be Jupiter (optimism / fire, heart in Leo 8) based.
I have excavated, picked the bones, made mental lists, compared and contrasted my brains to the moon and back trying to figure out how to change my life for the better.  I noticed everything, sought clues and connections, eventually I learned astrology and the universe began to speak to me.  I began to understand my obstacles, my strengths, and I began to work with the energies, rather than against them.

That is the past, now onto the future…

A few days ago in conversation with my Mother, I casually mentioned I am a Buddhist.
::: She hung up on me :::  
Is normal, her Scorp moon opposes mine – cuss and discuss is quite common.
I identify most strongly with Buddhism, but technically I consider myself a nature-based pagan, wiccan, et al.  I am a rebellious inclusionist (Sun/Ura/Pluto) in the house of Religion – 9, I study everything.
She is
Sagittarius ASC – Jupiter in 5 Toro.
Hmph. Go figure.
In this case, my Cap ASC – Saturn Rx in 3 Aries is far less traditional.

The Uranus Pluto square is poking the ribs of traditionalists across the board.

I see it in others, I see it in myself – even my kitties are fussing about accepting a new stray in the yard.  Card reading peeps are hotly arguing about reading styles (traditional vs. freestyle), power tripping astro-fiends are onside – esp. as Uranus rules astrology, my way is better than your way, etc….Changes are upon us and some are stressing about losing ways that used to be.
  I got news for you, everything is staying – it is only changing form.  A well-known political astrologer once wrote of her generation, ‘we survived the tumultuous 60’s’, …hmmm…I immediately thought, ‘try being the living, breathing, walking tumultuous 60’s’ – that’s a fun one, I guarantee you.

Where the masses are feeling the square, each according to their chart, those of us born in the late 60’s are getting it on a more personal spiritual (Sun) level. 
I am most certainly feeling it rather close to home.  My natal Moon trines my Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto conjunction – men, women; privately (Moon 4), publically (Sun 9); consciously and subconsciously.
All of it ass over teakettle at the mo.  Plus 3 lovely eclipses knocking on some personals to boot – yeeHAW !

May 21 Uranus Pluto Square exact:
Uranus at 11 degrees Aries Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn

May 25
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.
This is ultimately my point –
Saturn Rx in 3, what can I say – sometimes takes me forever to get there, thanks for your patience !

Jupiter is frolicking in Gemini (with Venus) being all wild free agent, touching (yes, literally – Mercury & Venus rules touching) base with everyone.  Did your brain go there ?  Hahaa Go ahead and UNthink it now !   (You can thank me later.)

Sagittarius /Jupiter energy in the sign of thinking and communication is a fantastic remedy for working this square / eclipse shizz out.
Sharing & Learning
Ultimately understanding differing viewpoints, perspectives.

Jupiter unaspected is akin to Biggie Sizing the BIGGIE SIZE of all GOOD Jupiter qualities if we channel the energy correctly.
Tap it ! 
See how it feels, explore it and have fun – let your mind go love tripping with Venus.
Be positive & harm none – Be it light !

Those with a case of natal Jupiter squares (internal lack of hope, trust, abundance or faith) could learn quite a bit under this boho Jupiter…
Go on tour with it – cozy up next to the campfire and let your mind weave stories of how you SEE your shiny new future. 

SEE it, dream it, BE it.

peace, love and kind veggie burritos