Gimmie a Crazy Ivan

giphy-1Firefly-Class Transport.  

A friend asked me my thoughts re: the Void Moon immediately following 23 degree Scorpio Full Moon lunation.

Seriously took me about 2 seconds.
Gimmie a Crazy Ivan.

See how the Firefly engines are mounted on axis from one another ? 
A Crazy Ivan is:
Full throttle FORWARD ~> BOOM <~ flip engine do a 180
until we reach atmo. .  .    .      .         .            .                 .

Plutonic power rules Scorpio
kundalini energies of regeneration are surging in us expressed through Full Moon in house Scorpio.

Ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars – which is retrograde until May 19th.
Mars energies are frustrated – not expressing well – in the house of Libra, its detriment.

Cardinal signs are feeling this Mars bottleneck at 9 degrees +/- 5.

Full moon always amps up the primal instincts.
Emotions run HIGH and HOT and DEEP with this Scorpio lunation.  

USE (Moon conjunct Saturn) your FULL BURN energies wisely- transmute yourself rather than throttle others.

Void moon ends with Moon into Sagittarius
12:44am Chicago time on Thursday the 15th.

Peace out Browncoats !

fun guys

RenewalFallen Angel Oracle

Quick read for energies leading to highest manifestation for all.

What is the danger as we grow into full moon in Scorpio ?

Element: Water
Planet : Mercury
Totem beast: Bull

Bull is the symbol of evangelist, Luke, the healer/physician. 
Haagenti is a patron of the healing arts, also sciences and chemistry- above all Haagenti is an alchemist who transmutes suffering and pain into spiritual growth, sickness into healing.

Note Full Moon with Saturn opposes Toro Bull Sun.
3rd to 9th at full lunation – thinking and seeing 
Past, authority – feelings re power and the exchange of it. 
What is mine/ours, how do we share, what has been given or taken. 
Accumulate or Release ?

The danger is we don’t clearly feel what is illuminated in the NOW in house Scorpio because of Saturn, which is TIME, PAST, building fortifications, A WALL.
Honor and charity, nurturing and tough love are highlighted with the inherent vibrations of Cancer and Capricorn steeping into the lunar stew.

Chatty Mercurial pointy gems tumble with a trine to frustrated Mars Rx in Libra.
Think twice, talk once.  View the perspectives from a distance.
Justice cuts both ways – both sides have something to learn.

Contemplate where and what triggers your anger, fear, aggression.
Transmutation gold aka GROWTH awaits in these areas.

Fairy RingVibrational Energy Oracle

Fairy Ring
Freedom and fun, folklore, myth and magick found within a circle.
Mushrooms are lunar, silently growing in the dark light of the moon.

Fun guys incoming.  
Be unconventional, eccentric – live on the wild side now and then.
Harm none, karma is watching.


Sound of Scorpio


N. Smith

How y’all doin’ leading up to Scorpio Full Moon ?  
Highs & lows ?  
Roger that.

I can barely walk with Saturn transit conjunct and Full Moon Lunar Landing on natal Neptuner in 11. Transit Mars Rx in 10 opposing natal Satan Rx, while natal backdoor Mars is getting hammered by a Neptune square.
I’m Saturn’s bitch & Neptune’s nymph without a doubt. 

So I have a lively natal Saturnian Neptuney illustration for you….
I had a stellar  Pete moment several years back…
Lemme explain.

My former husband and I loved to have fun.
He’s a 4 planet Sagittarius stellium; me, 9th house stellium, Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mars in Sagittarius.
Lots and LOTS of fun.

We have natal Taurus Moons conjunct – both of us have Moon opposite Neptune.
Classic textbook intoxicant aspects.
Yeaaah, we partied.
On the run, touring as often as possible
while still holding 
down full time jobs.

Safe to say we both made our share of mistakes, and I am not without blame.
I am the lucky owner of a 8th house Leo Venus/Jupiter square Scorpio Neptune.
I don’t want to be a queen, I want to be the Queen.

The story goes, I came home from being gone awhile to find our bed made – perfectly.
Dead. Giveaway.

Whoever she was, (not the first or the second woman I had put up with either) this one had been in my home – in. my. bed.
My natal Toro moon is exalted, in 4 – MY HOME.
Think Bull.  Horns Locked, Loaded.

Every hair on my body stood straight UP, my eyes glazed over, in the space of a heartbeat, I was a world away, in a trance state.

I slowly turned, calm and cool as a cucumber, silently marched down two flights of stairs, strolled up to his $800 Alvarez, quietly apologized aloud to the luthier, sweetly grabbed the neck and smashed that mutha into a million pieces.


tumblr_me2sihZUfC1qm3f8zo1_500I remember the wild abandon of Pure Plutonic Pain surging through my whole body.
I remember hating being driven to destroy what I find wholly holy, music.
I remember finding it odd how solid hollow body guitars actually are.
You’ve really gotta put the whammy on ’em – as illustrated below by Dave Grohl.

Equally as satisfying as primal scream.
oro Moon trine Pluto does both very well when pushed too far.

dave-grohl-smashing-guitar-oAfterwards, I sat down, had a beer, a smoke….my thoughts drifting aimlessly as I curiously gazed at the wreckage of my life laying and lying all over the basement floor.
I found it odd that in a hairsbreadth, I was so angry that I destroyed in seconds what someone had so lovingly, painstakingly created over weeks, months.

Neptune is my most highly aspected planet – ruling stringed instruments, though I didn’t know it at the time.   It became obvious years later when I learned astrology, read my aspects – read our aspects.

Stunningly accurate, divinely sublime.

For the record:
Jerry Lee Lewis, Charles Mingus, Pete Townshend are among the first to smash their instruments onstage; Jimi the first to set it ablaze.

Pete has Aries Mars opposite Libra Neptune both square Saturn N Node focal in Cancer 10.  Twelfth house Moon square Uranus in Gem on MC.

Jimi has great aspects to his Libra Neptune including trines to Gemini Uranus/Saturn.
Fire burns in his 12th house Sagittarius stellium: Sun, Mercury, Venus (opposing Gemini) square Leo Chiron tightly conjunct N Node as (out-of-sign) focal points in a T-Square. 

JIMIBURNING_0002-newsound of scorpio
sex drugs and rock n roll



May 14
Full Moon 23 degrees Scorpio
Chicago 2:16pm
Rapa Nui 1:16pm
May 15
Tokyo 4:16am
Wellington 7:16am

Upcoming whammy Full Moon in Scorpio – it’s conjunct Saturn while trine Jupiter in Cancer also trine a Chiron Part of Fortune conjunction in Pisces.  Virgo Rising with Mercury MC, PoF smack on DC at Full Lunation.

First and foremost, you can count on lots of bubbling psychic spring waters and a fair bit of mud surfacing with this full moon – meaning deep soul mining & plenty of processing – heads up !  
Focusing on thoughts & organization of them, how to effectively heal ourselves and others in one swell foop.  We carry the past with us, regenerating it into our future.

We are still dealing with Mars Rx in another thinking sign fascinated with relationships.
Retrograde slowing to station feels like quicksand – balance and bonds are in deep.
We get  s  t  r   e    t    c     h     e      d  like a rubber band ready to SNAP – PoP !

Full Moon spotlights Saturn body issues, also authority, the past and time.

Those who deal with me
must have the Patience of a Saint – I KNOW this.
 In my case, Achilles tendon and bone issues, now fatigue.  As transiting Neptune closes the square to my natal Mars – the low energy I DO have drains right outta me.
I am working on everything, trust.  I am just moving slower.  Truly, thank you kindly for your patience.  

As this moon grows to full, it encourages cultivation of deep patience with ourselves, others and relationships of all kinds – but with eyes and ears open wide.

Personal and joint power and energy exchanges are struggling, switch-hitting, ultimately SURVIVING.

photo 52Right things at the right time in the right space.
Perfect timing is a continuum, a meeting that Always IS.

Venus is conjunct Uranus at lunation.
Many doors close – many doors also swing open.
This may be your revolving door coming back around – only You KNOW.

Mercury in Gemini sextiles Venus / Uranus, so yes a bit tricky – but opportunistic.
Deep undercurrents flowing under this lunation – houses Scorpio & Taurus seek compromise.
What we Desire and what we Have.
Promises made, word given & kept.

Mars Rx in Libra opposing Venus and Uranus in Aries both grate against focal Pluto in Capricorn.

Use of Power over Time – Moving Electrical Current in Relationships.

The best relationships that last the longest SHARE power, cyclically, in constant exchange and flux.
Obviously, I know we want change RIGHT NOW, and we will be working to get it both personally and globally as Moon reaches full – but know the greatest part of this work is … silent & deadly & rebirthing behind closed doors.

I happen to LOVE Capricorn Pluto energy, I am digging this intensity and learning SO MUCH about myself and others during this lunation.

This Moon reaches full on my Neptuner
and honey I am feeling every bit of it.
Scorpio Moon all over me across vast reaches of space & time altitudes & attitudes.
You know who you are.  Hang tight.

photo 53Clarity & Insight
Bones of Nature.

A man finds an animal skull among the bushes.   Look to your Natal Saturn, reality sharpens, solidifies there with this Full Moon in Scorpio.



Photo: artist unknown. Looked everywhere. Help ?
Madame Endora’s Fortune cards
Tarot of the Origins

Draw the stroke

Full Scorpio Super Moon
shadow of the sacred Oak tree

Beware the oak, it draws the stroke
<~ lightning ~>

Oak is a sacred tree of Truth.

Zeus, Jupiter, Dagda, Perun and Thor

gods of rain, thunder and lightning

rule the oak

as do the goddesses
Diana, Rhea, Egeria, Aria

  The word Druid comes from the welsh word derwydd
which means

The mighty Oak symbolizes
strength, endurance and triumph.

Acorns are used to
mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

They are also used to ease pain.

Bless an acorn under this full moon
carry it and the spell will
draw fruition of creative endeavors
into your life.
The oak reaching great heights
also has deep roots
it symbolizes natural law that bridges
heaven, earth, and the underworld.

Quercus (Oak) is asteroid 8643
Read this asteroid for qualities of strength and endurance.
It is also your bridge between worlds.

Moon goddess Diana is asteroid 78
Read this asteroid as your sacred (oak) forest.
Where you hunt and are on target.
It is where your instincts are true.

It is your lunar protection for when you give birth.
Blessed be ~

…the opener…

The Book of Doors Divination Deck

Quick 3 card draw for clarity for all my readers, with the goal being insight to trigger the highest positive good of all. 

Card on the left – Scorpio Full Moon
Card on the right – Taurus Sun
Card below – the union of opposites between the two.  The Compromise.

Moon and Sun are in the Family of Duat
What is below is as that which is above.
“What is below” is the Duat, the darkest reflection of heaven and the site of death and dissolution.
::: It corresponds to the embalming process which is an alchemical ‘fixing’, (Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs) and also the stomach (Moon rules) through fermentation and the digestive process.  The transformation of matter through decay. :::

Scorpio Full Moon: 6 Amenta
Adventure into the unknown, the darkest part of the self.   Initiative, independence and self-reliance.  It is the sunset souls must pass through to reach the coming dawn at sunrise.  “The Hidden Place”, becoming familiar with the realm of the dead while still living, knowledge of the mysteries, vision quest.

Taurus Sun: 1 Sokar
The darkest part of the Duat, a time of testing, inertia and darkness.  The seed of a new life has been planted.  This dark night of the soul serves to bring orientation.  It is the omphalos, or navel (Venus rules) – akin to the Northern celestial hemisphere (the Nadir, or midnight in the natal- Moon rules).  It is a point symbolizing meridians and parallels, a point of nourishment between consecutive phases and different states of being.

The Union of Opposites

The Family of Fire
Aakhut: 1 Ptah
The act of creation !   The “Father / Mother of beginnings, the creator of the eggs of the Sun and the Moon”, the sculptor, the opener of doors.  Craftspeople, builders using the primordial sacred fire of living energy.  Materializing metaphysical principles with every sound and heartbeat. Celestial and terrestrial creation in accordance with the cosmic law. (Maat)

Last Card, bottom of the deck
Message from Spirit Realm (+bonus fortune !)
Rutilated Quartz is energetic, protective, weaves worlds together

The Eight Primordials
Tepi – Aui – Un 2: Nut (Night)

Powerful protection on the path to transcending previous limitations.  Being aware of our place of being in the vast cosmic seas.   I exist, I am vital.
Unity and the multiplication of form through dynamic energy, originally manifested as the Milky Way. ( Moon Moon and More Moon: Milky way, or via lactea means Milky Circle) The Mother Goddess, the beginning and the end – creation –  the resolution of all duality.
SoOo the wrap-up:
Full Moon brings the ‘alchemical fixing’ of Scorpio and Taurus energies…
Stable, reliable Fixed signs build, finish and create.
They are the link between the gung-ho Cardinals and the fluctuating Mutables.

We are protected, nourished in our vision quest (Venus trine Saturn Rx in Libra) to find balance spiritually (Neptune trine Saturn Rx), and intellectually (Venus in Gemini trine Saturn Rx in Libra – both Air, or intellect) while we brainstorm our past and future actions on earth with others. (Mercury in Aries opposite Saturn Rx in Libra; Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces.)



diviner by hgjart

Saturday May 5
Full Moon 16 degrees Scorpio, 10:35pm CST, USA  

Great healing vibes with this one ~ 
Sun is quintile Neptune
Jupiter is quintile Chiron.
Benefics + spiritual gifts of healing

We are dealing with shifting polarities here.
Radical ideas, workload, status vs. self esteem, health and peace of mind. 

Taurus Lilith conjunct Sun and Jupiter is a deep rooted want.
It craves and haves and hoards to fill a void.
It’s a shiny bauble that can be taken or left.

I prefer dinners out and movies and new clothes.
I don’t need them.

Scorpio Full Moon is an instinctual, inescapable, intense need.
Filled with a lust for life, Scorpio desires to defy death.
It deconstructs itself, completely betraying the former life in order to rebuild a new one.

I prefer not to feel pain, to shed tears over loss.
I need to in order to heal.

These energies are at odds, in compromise with each other to find balance.
Look to your house of Scorpio for this is where you will be getting new insights and blazing new trails until the next full moon….

This Scorpio Full Moon
 is followed by a Sagittarius Full Moon
Monday June 4
Sagittarius Full Moon 6:12am CST, USA
Neptune stations Rx 3 degrees Pisces 4:03pm CST

The Sagittarius Full Moon is involved in a mind-bending T-Square with Mars as the focal planet, Moon opposing Sun Venus and Mercury in Gemini.
You might call it getting our head right so we can get our high qi Venus game on.
Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars for the occultation.

That’s a sign of diggin’ in and goin’ with your gut.  Baggage gone, emotions clean as a whistle for the occultation so Virgo Mars will be acting with a steady hand and a steady heart.  (Mercury trine Saturn Rx in Libra)

Tuesday June 5
Occultation of Venus (click)

So perhaps you are getting me here…
we are on a Scorpionic healing bender prior to the occultation.
Scorpio Full Moon has Sun and Jupiter in Venus ruled Taurus ~ love and lots of it.  Benefics are stacking the Toro house, and Venus trine Saturn Rx in Libra is long term commitment toward working out better forms of communication.   (Saturn Rx opposite Mercury in Aries in mutual reception with Mars in Virgo)

The all for one, one for all  vibe. 
ya dig…?