Gimmie a Crazy Ivan

giphy-1Firefly-Class Transport.  

A friend asked me my thoughts re: the Void Moon immediately following 23 degree Scorpio Full Moon lunation.

Seriously took me about 2 seconds.
Gimmie a Crazy Ivan.

See how the Firefly engines are mounted on axis from one another ? 
A Crazy Ivan is:
Full throttle FORWARD ~> BOOM <~ flip engine do a 180
until we reach atmo. .  .    .      .         .            .                 .

Plutonic power rules Scorpio
kundalini energies of regeneration are surging in us expressed through Full Moon in house Scorpio.

Ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars – which is retrograde until May 19th.
Mars energies are frustrated – not expressing well – in the house of Libra, its detriment.

Cardinal signs are feeling this Mars bottleneck at 9 degrees +/- 5.

Full moon always amps up the primal instincts.
Emotions run HIGH and HOT and DEEP with this Scorpio lunation.  

USE (Moon conjunct Saturn) your FULL BURN energies wisely- transmute yourself rather than throttle others.

Void moon ends with Moon into Sagittarius
12:44am Chicago time on Thursday the 15th.

Peace out Browncoats !