May 14
Full Moon 23 degrees Scorpio
Chicago 2:16pm
Rapa Nui 1:16pm
May 15
Tokyo 4:16am
Wellington 7:16am

Upcoming whammy Full Moon in Scorpio – it’s conjunct Saturn while trine Jupiter in Cancer also trine a Chiron Part of Fortune conjunction in Pisces.  Virgo Rising with Mercury MC, PoF smack on DC at Full Lunation.

First and foremost, you can count on lots of bubbling psychic spring waters and a fair bit of mud surfacing with this full moon – meaning deep soul mining & plenty of processing – heads up !  
Focusing on thoughts & organization of them, how to effectively heal ourselves and others in one swell foop.  We carry the past with us, regenerating it into our future.

We are still dealing with Mars Rx in another thinking sign fascinated with relationships.
Retrograde slowing to station feels like quicksand – balance and bonds are in deep.
We get  s  t  r   e    t    c     h     e      d  like a rubber band ready to SNAP – PoP !

Full Moon spotlights Saturn body issues, also authority, the past and time.

Those who deal with me
must have the Patience of a Saint – I KNOW this.
 In my case, Achilles tendon and bone issues, now fatigue.  As transiting Neptune closes the square to my natal Mars – the low energy I DO have drains right outta me.
I am working on everything, trust.  I am just moving slower.  Truly, thank you kindly for your patience.  

As this moon grows to full, it encourages cultivation of deep patience with ourselves, others and relationships of all kinds – but with eyes and ears open wide.

Personal and joint power and energy exchanges are struggling, switch-hitting, ultimately SURVIVING.

photo 52Right things at the right time in the right space.
Perfect timing is a continuum, a meeting that Always IS.

Venus is conjunct Uranus at lunation.
Many doors close – many doors also swing open.
This may be your revolving door coming back around – only You KNOW.

Mercury in Gemini sextiles Venus / Uranus, so yes a bit tricky – but opportunistic.
Deep undercurrents flowing under this lunation – houses Scorpio & Taurus seek compromise.
What we Desire and what we Have.
Promises made, word given & kept.

Mars Rx in Libra opposing Venus and Uranus in Aries both grate against focal Pluto in Capricorn.

Use of Power over Time – Moving Electrical Current in Relationships.

The best relationships that last the longest SHARE power, cyclically, in constant exchange and flux.
Obviously, I know we want change RIGHT NOW, and we will be working to get it both personally and globally as Moon reaches full – but know the greatest part of this work is … silent & deadly & rebirthing behind closed doors.

I happen to LOVE Capricorn Pluto energy, I am digging this intensity and learning SO MUCH about myself and others during this lunation.

This Moon reaches full on my Neptuner
and honey I am feeling every bit of it.
Scorpio Moon all over me across vast reaches of space & time altitudes & attitudes.
You know who you are.  Hang tight.

photo 53Clarity & Insight
Bones of Nature.

A man finds an animal skull among the bushes.   Look to your Natal Saturn, reality sharpens, solidifies there with this Full Moon in Scorpio.



Photo: artist unknown. Looked everywhere. Help ?
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