building brainpan bridges


A journey across the stars and heavens through antiquated astronomical diagrams.

I unearthed some dusty old scientific textbooks in my father’s attic, and immediately became inspired by the delicately rendered diagrams, plots and schemata. These purely scientific visual aids became unwitting artworks on their own, which is something I really loved.

The short animation explores pathways through astronomy’s roots, dating back to antiquity with its origins in scientific, mythological and astrological practices.  kimoni

Virgo Moon glides into a trine with Taurus Sun and Pluto in Capricorn today, while Mercury in Gemini trines Mars Rx in Libra.  Perfect timing for turning the big brains on emotional problem-solving via work and creative efficiency.

Cancer Jupiter trine Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces flows well and good with practical application of how to move things/life/goals/projects/philosophies around to fit each other so they work better together.

Virgo wants IT (all of it) to fit neatly – Pisces believes IT always did fit in it’s own peculiar way.  So somewhere hidden, lurking in the depths of practical application (Virgos love practical application) of work to emotional matters, we make the stagnant emotional waters crash against the rocks, tumble over the waterfall – voila !  Emotional Clarity !

Venus closes the conjunction with Uranus by 8 degrees in Aries, attracting boho brainstorms and unusual unexpected urges in creative bursts.  Building bridges via the brainpan – see it then BE it.   Go BIG or Go HOME we are headed for a Scorp Moon.

Venus/Uranus are moving to focal point position in a T-Square with Cancer Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn prior to a Scorp Full Moon.  This is an aspect of BIG inspiration and clear-cutting emotional dross.

Steady application of power to work of your choosing does wonders under these aspects !  Focused energy is strong via earth trine & Aries firepower backing it UP.
heYAH !