beep ! beep !

hermes_by_poly_m-d6rinm8Hermes, poly-m

Fabulous + the heavens part and the angles sing …
she also she sells
Game of Thrones Tarot here  ! ! 

Mercury rules and flies through Gemini deftly, signsmiths of words + ideas – they are flits and flirts of wit and wisdom – wryly speaking in tongues.  Magnificent mimics, they can twist and turn a perfect phrase – inflections and reflections are tricksy & bendy in this mutable air sign.  Gifts of gab and languages, including sign, are a natural adaptation born and bred of a need to exchange ideas and move messages.

Information superhighways through your neighborhood, they are the go-to folks for any and all: how-to, where-are and did-they ? !?  goodies.  Rumors and facts flow freely here, with equal billing. The flow of deets & dirt is the keynote of Mercury in Gemini.

Versatile and observant, this Mercury ferrets away information, cleverly collecting curiosities and quips for curveball conversations later.  These sparkly Gems are the Jack and Jill of all trades – lifelong learners and teachers on the move, they are avidly curious about everything from soup to nuts.  Happily, they are willing to share their wealth of knowledge with anyone within earshot.

This can be an anxious, nervous placement for Mercury – watch the hands for signs of distress, they are a dead giveaway. 
Hands still = on meds. kidding !
Hands fluttering = overly busy, still in control. 
Hands in the air & waving = information overload.  Throw chocolate, back away slowly.

Mercury is a fabulous intellectual flirt in Gemini, a bit fickle, but fun and bubbly.  Thinking can be a bit scatterbrained due to the restlessness of Mercury; superficial due to the social quality of air sign, Gemini.  To fly the friendly skies with this Mercurial Gem, polish your points of perceptions, witty wordplay, comic comebacks and have a blast !

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