F words

giphyHas this been your experience of Mars Rx in Libra ?
Hang on…we are almost to the turnpike. 

Mars Direct in Libra
May 19
8:31pm CST, USA

Mars into Scorpio
July 25
9:25pm CST, USA

During Mars Rx in Libra interrelations are swinging wildly from soft Venus to aggressive Mars – one minute discordant – the next harmonious.

Contemplation and quarrels of fairness and frustration and finances are fair game.  

Think of Mars Rx as a cosmic do-over, make-over from the inside out.
What are your qualities worth scrapping or saving ?
1 – Receptive yin feminine
2 – Outgoing yang masculine 
Where is the harmonious balance that lives within you ?
Do you play and work well with others ? 

Who are YOU among all the OTHERS living over in Libra ?
Have you been exploring these things, like I have ?

Mars Rx drives us to discover who and what we ARE as well as how FAIRLY we deal our deck among a myriad of Libran choices. 

photo 51
Tarot of the New Vision

Spirit card Crux of sitch – 2 Swords
Here comes the healing horse (Jupiter) we can’t normally see for the blindfold and crossed swords / ideas of indecision, which of course, is STILL a choice

Jupiter trine Pisces Chiron while also trine Saturn Rx in Scorpio
All emotional water houses, diving deep into the depths will do the trick here.
Have hope, be generous, keep faith, be positive – put love and care to healing emotional wounds.

photo 50
What is the insight of Mars Rx ?
Thinking with the head the goddess gave you.  
Logic, fairness and reason over time.
Don’t be hasty.
The pen / tongue is mightier than the sword.
Personal record keeping – rather than keeping score.

What is the Martian hurdle we press hardest against ?
Our personal challenges as we RELATE to OTHERS.
Perseverance is called for – rather than severity and pressuring.

::::Balance the scales ::::


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