Martial Arts

Do the Hubble Shuffle to the Big Bang BoogieDo the Hubble Shuffle to the Big Bang Boogie – Michael Pukac

Excerpt of Artist statement : Painting is a very mercurial thing. It’s a relatively simple act that has maintained relevancy throughout time and across most, if not all, cultures. For me, painting is like a collision of concepts as much as it is a combination of skill and material. It is where the creatively abstract and intellectually complex concepts of translation, illusion, allusion, and transformation find a nexus. I crossbreed different genres, eras, and conventions of painting into phantasmagorical anti-epics. I see my work as a kind of cultural aesthetic gumbo poured into its own reality, which is dedicated to honor the creative process.

Michael says of live painting “It was the best thing that ever happened to my career.”
Success Formula From Live Painting Artist Michael Pukac here.

Mars into Libra for a whopping 8 months (transit normally closer to 2mo/sign)
Saturday December 7, 2013
2:41pm CST, USA

Mars Rx in Libra
March 1, 2014
10:23am CST, USA

Mars Direct in Libra
May 19
8:31pm CST, USA

Mars into Scorpio
July 25
9:25pm CST, USA

Mars is in his detriment in Libra, aka opposite the sign he rules, Aries.
This is inherently an aspect of juggling – high qi is communication, co-operation and compromise; low qi is projection, argumentative, stubborn.

Libra is fond of being pretty, sweet, popular – is famous for weighing the options of any choice – often to the point of being unable to make one.
Mars is impulsive, guttural, impatient and hot to trot to MOOoOOve it already NOW !

Here lies the challenge – work the options to your favor.
Martian fires are applied to intellectual and/or artistic pursuits, social interaction, diplomacy. Think: Action towards beauty – make Mars push and shove towards creation.  Using blades, knives, heat to create and beautify is all the better !

Martial arts, walking meditation, go Gonzo on drums, paint like Pollack, horror queen scream, take up archery, forging, sword fighting, Scherenschnitte, woodcarving or bonsai.

Mars in Libra sextiles Leo and Sagittarius, creating and exploring, respectively. These houses hold your golden opportunities if you work them.

Gemini and Aquarius have an incoming boost in brainwaves, inventive, inspirational ideas will rise quickly with fire !

Change is imminent in all Cardinal signs.  Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer will be the houses where we grow and Grow and GROW through facing personal challenges.
Obstacle course incoming !
USE this creative energy for it will be USING you if you don’t.

Peace Love and Martial Arts