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New Aeon Crown – Elemental Child

Mercury into Sagittarius delivers a trine to Uranus Rx in Aries in tandem with Sun – cue the eccentric, the piezoelectric wake UP call, mentalism, warp speed thought, angelic messaging, synchronicities, creative inventions, inspirations off the charts !

All these things apply to yourSELF & to your globalSELVES.
Fancy that – blackhole warpspeed navel (Venus) gazing insights.
Axis Mundi, Axis Coeli: cosmic axis, world pillar, columna cerului, center of the world.

Navels. Venus.
Spiders don’t have navels. Still important.
Just sayin’.
Men Mars trines Women Venus
Actions meet Friendship, Balance and Love on Earth

Micro and Macro perceptions on tap as well – work it !

Moon squares Uranus, you change your feelings, yourself.
Moon meets Plutonic power growing strength – opposes Jupiter in the sign moon rules, others are up to bat and pitching the game changers !

Think time capsules into the everworlds  . . . trees of lives
Carry a journal, record your thoughts – warp speed incoming – tricksters on decks !

We Love Loki, yes ?!