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RenewalFallen Angel Oracle

Quick read for energies leading to highest manifestation for all.

What is the danger as we grow into full moon in Scorpio ?

Element: Water
Planet : Mercury
Totem beast: Bull

Bull is the symbol of evangelist, Luke, the healer/physician. 
Haagenti is a patron of the healing arts, also sciences and chemistry- above all Haagenti is an alchemist who transmutes suffering and pain into spiritual growth, sickness into healing.

Note Full Moon with Saturn opposes Toro Bull Sun.
3rd to 9th at full lunation – thinking and seeing 
Past, authority – feelings re power and the exchange of it. 
What is mine/ours, how do we share, what has been given or taken. 
Accumulate or Release ?

The danger is we don’t clearly feel what is illuminated in the NOW in house Scorpio because of Saturn, which is TIME, PAST, building fortifications, A WALL.
Honor and charity, nurturing and tough love are highlighted with the inherent vibrations of Cancer and Capricorn steeping into the lunar stew.

Chatty Mercurial pointy gems tumble with a trine to frustrated Mars Rx in Libra.
Think twice, talk once.  View the perspectives from a distance.
Justice cuts both ways – both sides have something to learn.

Contemplate where and what triggers your anger, fear, aggression.
Transmutation gold aka GROWTH awaits in these areas.

Fairy RingVibrational Energy Oracle

Fairy Ring
Freedom and fun, folklore, myth and magick found within a circle.
Mushrooms are lunar, silently growing in the dark light of the moon.

Fun guys incoming.  
Be unconventional, eccentric – live on the wild side now and then.
Harm none, karma is watching.