Gnarly Neptune

Scott Hove

How bizarre is THAT ? ! 
Uranus is in freaky flux and I find these modified pimp my Stripper Stilettos ?!
They are mixed media, “absurd fake cake” sculptures with spikes & teeth !
Strangely appealing to my 11th house Neptune square Venus/Jupes in Leo.     

My giant Neptuner (most aspected) in Scorpio doesn’t give a wing-ding about shoes. (Pisces,12th and Neptune rule feet)  My utilitarian style tends towards black lace-up boots & stealth converse.  I do have some light up flip-flops, yeah I know, woo woo.

Functional switch blade in the rear, lol. 
Hello ! 

These remind me of the time years ago…I was at the state fair wandering around on a muggy night after a Def Leppard show, I saw an enormous sterling silver biker ring, hands clasped – when I opened it a giant silver boner popped out – omg I laughed so hard !   I was unexpectedly embarrassed and got all tongue tied – the carny was getting a kick out of watching me squirm.  It was so completely unexpected and beyond ridiculous, I loved it !  
So bizarre. 

So Scorpio.
Sensational !
Also, in the sky, the T- square closes with Libra Mars opposite Aries Uranus and both square Pluto Rx in Capricorn.  Energy is tense – situations involving *love money and creativity*  are rising to a boiling point –  think metamorphosis !    Bob and weave, light on your feet !  Libra house can balance – that Mars will bend a bit – use it !

Cancer Sun squares Libra Saturn – feelings of restrictions on the above.*
Keep walking, talking (Mercury quintile Saturn) trudging through the swamp (Chiron and Neptune retro in Pisces trine Saturn) and it will literally work itself out.

Moon slips into Toro soon at 6:30pm CST, USA – trine Pluto – earth to earth. 
Spa yourself, relax, eat well.  Get your zen on.
Feed your metamorphosis in self-nurturing ways – be creative !


7 thoughts on “Gnarly Neptune

  1. oy. Great way to begin a morning with an obvious mistake staring me in the face. How to explain mental blocks with Saturn Rx in the 3rd..? I think visually – Libra is balance, ‘looks’ flexible, so yesterday I said Libra is mutable. It is Cardinal, and I know that – enter Saturn Rx. My apologizes.

    It is so frustrating to make mistakes, to have them conjunct Sun at high noon where everyone can see them. (Uranus Pluto rules mistakes) As you can imagine, it is especially difficult for a Virgo.
    Let me be another lesson in dealing with Uranus & Pluto – accept it, respect it and move on.
    Metamorph. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone…and at least I don’t have to have a series of painful rabies shots.
    Also, there may not be a post today – family is coming over. Thanks GM

    • He he… what mistake? I know the horror and the shame of making a mistake because of my Virgo Ascendant. With your line up in Virgo it must be exponential horror and shame. It is such a cosmic joke have Saturn Rx in the
      3rd like we do. Mine is inconjunct Taurus Mercury. With this line up I am always having to accept humility with my humiliation because it is constant.
      I list ‘competence’ as an emotion because it feels so good to me. 🙂

      • Hi Perianne, and thanks – you get it. I was frustrated beyond belief. I have patience, or should I say I am capable of it – Mars trines that Saturn Rx of mine, yet it (Mars) is also is quintile Uranus.

        It occured to me later that this quintile when vibing low prompts ‘kneejerk’ type reactions and pop impatience. I posted on the way out the door to a friends and of course noticed mistake the next morning. ah well. Not my largest mistake by any means, just another bump in the road !

        I have to agree, competence does feel great, and tastes much better than crow.

  2. These shoes are insane. I have been living with them for a few days as I have had your page open waiting for me to find space to read it. (Totally worth the wait, BTW. ) The tongue scares me. I have only just arrived at the switchblade. Wow! Like you my shoes run to comfortable, however I think I would love the experience of walking around in these for a day! I think they are perfect for Mars/Uranus/Pluto T-square. I think I would be transformed and teleported into another dimension of personal power.

    You conveyed the shock of the biker ring perfectly. I believe I might have blushed just reading it.

    And this Toro Moon is finding me longing for a day spa.

    • Crazy aren’t they ? Not my usual thing, but they are so ridiculously weird ?!!
      I would need kneepads in case of crash and burn, lol. Maybe I should contact the artist about a matching helmet ?!
      … Ohhh now my brain is gonna seize on that visual … heh

  3. I have noticed your absence. It has been awhile for someone as prolific as you. I hope all is well and you are just taking the time out to get your Zen on. xxx

    • Aww sweet and thanks. Yes, in the last week of 2 weeks off, am working but just not here. I have been posting one year 397 in total. So Uranus retro while conjunct natal 3rd house Saturn Rx ( mistake – see kneejerk above) and Merc retro (natal MC) and I took it as a sign to bail for a bit & get perspective.
      How to cheer up a morose Virgo ? Have Mom bring a laminating machine during visit ! I was making a yearlong wall calendar out of Stephanie Pui Mun-Law astrological images and I broke it. In. one. day. So I abandoned all techie snafus (faulty ipod decks etc..) to clean/organize the basement and haven’t stopped cleaning since. Virgoing out ! Loving it ! Had a friend over to dinner and she said my house felt like ‘a pocket’ …I love that !
      Posts will resume soon, probably in a few days when day job resumes and I crash back to Saturnian reality. Thanks for asking love, all is well. xo You ?

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