Neptuning IN

Monday June 4
Full Moon in Sagittarius Partial Lunar Eclipse 14 degrees 6:05am CST, USA

Neptune stations Rx 3 degrees Pisces 4:03pm CST, USA

Tuesday June 5
Occultation of Venus (click)

Energies are hoppin’ and boppin’ yeah ? 

I just saw my first  firefly  of the year – Sun and Moon rule – how appropriate with the upcoming Eclipse ready to burst on the scene !   In the wings backstage we have Neptune…Neptune likes to sneak and this stationing retrograde fog is coming in under the radar with all the eclipse & Venus hubub onstage stealing the spotlight.  Have you been feeling the shift in Neptunian energies..?  It is my most highly aspected planet, and I have most definitely felt it. 

Let me explain…
When Neptune went direct months ago, I got my music back (found a bunch of music I thought I had lost for good).  haha Guess what ?!  Neptune shifts energies, retrograde nears and I lost my music again – speaker box quit working.   I don’t handle life without a soundtrack very well, so I tried to replace it.  I blame it on stubborn Toro moon opposite Neptuner in natal.
Yes, knowing the astro – I still tried.
Twice.  That’s right, the first one didn’t work, and the second one doesn’t either.  Laughable, yes ?!
This is the perfect illustration of why not to buy during Venus retrograde.
Money and love exchanged goes haywire. sheesh

Did I mention I have Venus and Jupiter square Neptune in my natal !? lol
Obviously this is not meant to be – no music for me.  For now, I give up.
Universe, 1 :::: Gneiss, goose egg
You need a refresher course on Neptune ? click !

Neptune stationing retrograde  is a slow turning inward to navel gaze on personal beliefs, dreams, inspirations, healing modalities, transcendent art and music.  This energy fluctuation will spark inner revelations tuned in straight from the universal unconscious mind.  Neptune direct is nebulous, indirect and intuitive. As it stations retrograde, the energies are in flux and clarity will surface.

How will Neptune waves roll in over you…?

Aries: chart your attitude shift, set your course towards positive peace of mind – you are what you think you are.
Taurus: blaze your own trail, no need to follow the herd – you have what it takes.  Believe in yourself.
Gemini: keep your inner dial tuned to the highest possible good, your career path will reveal itself in due time – just keep swimming
Cancer: follow your instincts, hunches and omens, the universe supports you, brilliant and unique, you teach through example, do so wisely
Leo: bigtime changes are forthcoming, opportunities meet aspirations on the social scene, work the crowd to your advantage
Virgo: infuse relationships (including your relationship with yourself) with a fresh new philosophy, your status is on the rise, find inspiration within to rise to great heights
Libra: re-evaluate your routine, keep yourself a priority in your own life, new horizons beckon, reserve your strength
Scorpio: seek powerful changes on your inner landscape through playful creativity, let your inner warrior run free in the night – there is delight in the dark
Sagittarius: friends and family step in to support you as you re-think personal responsibilities, and brainstorm new ways to approach health and work
Capricorn: your mind’s eye turns focus to daydreaming the changes in daily routines you seek.  Dream it, believe it, then work it.
Aquarius: have patience your instincts are true, your feelings safe. Nurture your creative spirit and express your heart – be bold  
Pisces: express yourself through jazzing up the nest, add sparkle to your duds – do you reflect the new you ? re-think how you communicate subconsciously

Happy stationing retrograde 
Thanks for Neptuning in ~>


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  1. Thanks for that. Perfect timing! Needed the confirmation. Leo , Sag, Scorp. Sitting back to watch. Normally I have a clue. Justi rolling and remaining open.

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