Shadows take flight

Neptune, lovely Neptune … currently retrograde in Pisces mulling over past artistic endeavors, spiritual studies, mystical leanings, idealistic visions and /or far-out hypnotic illusions, delusions, longings out flat-out lies.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus – in square(separating) while Mars is quincunx from (Venus ruled) Libra – love shadows and fog are all over the shop.

Quincunx is simply adaptation & improvisation – metamorph in progress.
Actions & ideals re: all forms of love are up to bat.

Retrograde revises, re-works and re-invents ways of working the Neptunian energies of the above.  Early degree Sagittarians are getting the re-applying square.  That means you hash out the difficult energies within.

:: NOTE:: North Node is at 4 degrees Sagittarius at the mo – so we are ALL re-inventing and morphing our future paths.  Square means growth – every time !

Late degree Leos are also getting the re-applying opposition, my sympathies.  I have my hand up on this one – Venus conj Jupiter late Leo here, pffft.


Currently Neptune is (separating) square the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. while Chiron, also retrograde applies to exact at 9 degrees Pisces.  

How to heal ?  Do we have to re-open the wound in order to let it breathe ?  Chiron sextiles Pluto in Capricorn – work the opportunity that waits in your house of Capricorn.

Chiron is quincunx Mercury in Leo –  while Cancer Sun comes to square Saturn in Libra.  

Be proud, sure – roaring it in all directions : not a good idea.  Cancer Sun is touchy with Saturn closing in.  Fair warning !  Let Saturn lead you to quiet balance in thought, and deeds will follow…

bird shadow

Libra Mars and Aries Uranus oppose each other from air to fire – they are the stress points of a kite ( with a loose grand air trine) so might want to contemplate your actions a bit before firing off any hot missives.

Mars is feeling most of the heat – Uranus wants to buck like a bronco.
 Opposite = compromise with another who is in your face.   Take heed, Mars and Uranus can be explosive.

Saving the day is Mercury in Leo quintile Saturn in Libra – and a lovely Venus Jupiter conjunction in sextile to Mercury and Uranus (Mercury and Uranus trine one another).   Possibility of far-out incoming messages are off the charts !  Keep the energies clear and hi qi around yourself / your environs for full throttle positive growth !

Metamorph is in progress on many levels – some or most of it – you may want to keep it close to the vest at the moment.  Lay plans in your thoughts (air trine) first and foremost.

Then preparation will meet opportunity via Uranus as the sextiles kick in and the opposition closes – ya dig ?!
* Luck *